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Grandma cakes make you happy

Finally the delicious recipes to bake yourself

Do you love it when the scent of cake batter from the oven wafts through the kitchen?

Then our baking guide will be From grandma with love your new favorite book guaranteed.

We have collected the 96 best recipes from "Kuchentratsch":

• Small treats

• Favorite cakes for every day

• Cakes for every occasion

• Trendy & from all over the world

• Baking for children's parties

• Recipes for beginners

• Specialties for advanced learners

• also without gluten

• lots of ideas for vegans

• great tips & tricks

Known from "The Lion's Den"

Many know the company from the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen". Almost 50 grandmas and grandpas now bake delicacies every day in the bakery founded by Katharina Mayer, which you can order online or enjoy in more than 20 cafés in Munich. For everyone who likes to bake themselves, much better: Thanks to "From Oma with Love" you can finally conjure up the specialties yourself at home according to the original recipe and surprise your guests. Whether with carrot cake from Grandma Irmgard, Kirchweihnudeln from Grandma Paula or an ingenious cheesecake from Grandpa Günter.

Of course, you will not only find specific instructions for the pastry, but also many baking tricks that are also helpful for other preparations, for example, advises Grandma Heidi:

"A fluffy yeast dough needs time and strength!"

In addition to the diverse recipe ideas from A for pineapple and marzipan cake to Z for lemon tart, the opulently staged shots also really inspire you to heat up the oven and prepare flour, butter, eggs and sugar.

Do you eat vegan, do not tolerate white flour or do you love original, modern baking creations? No problem! The cake gossip team is on the ball and really has the right delicacy ready for everyone. In “Mit Liebe von Oma” you will of course also find hip baking options such as vegan beetroot chocolate cake, gluten-free eggnog cake and chai latte pralines. Of course, the grandmas and grandpas also thought of their grandchildren. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas and maybe conjure up a Piñata Smarties cake for the next children's birthday party. Whatever becomes your favorite: bet it'll be plastered in no time?

In our reading sample you will find impressions from the bakery and delicious suggestions for your next baking session. Take a look right now!

Your new favorite baking book

About the start-up Kuchentratsch

Katharina Mayer had the idea too Cake gossip already in 2014.

In addition to the realization that grandma's cakes simply taste the best, one role played a role: making the life of grandmas and grandpas more livable. In the Munich bakery of the social start-up, the senior citizens pursue a meaningful activity, are part of a community and can fully live out their passion for baking. Katharina Mayer dedicated her book “Von Oma mit Liebe” to her grandma Astrid.

After completing her training as a hotel manager in Munich, Katharina Mayer (30) completed her bachelor's degree in nonprofit, social and health management in Innsbruck and Argentina in 2014. Katharina works on a voluntary basis for a German aid organization that provides humanitarian aid.

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