What is a distributed energy resource DER

Meeting consumer demand for renewable energy

Reduce energy consumption and conserve natural resources

Influence the social and economic impact by using AI to save energy and conserve natural resources - through intelligent energy management of commercial and non-commercial demand, connected vehicles and intelligent cities, buildings and households.

Manage distributed energy resources for the power supply of the future

Ensure reliable energy supplies to a more engaged and dynamic customer base by leveraging increasingly renewable energy and digital twins to improve load balancing and integrate distributed energy resources.

Learn more about the energy transition with Microsoft technologies for sustainable energy

Transform energy demand with a smarter power grid

Create a smarter power grid. Agder Energi leverages data from millions of sensors and interacts with customers with rooftop solar panels and electric vehicles to power the grid in a whole new way.

Generate clean energy seamlessly with predictive maintenance

Wind turbines generate huge amounts of data with thousands of sensors, which ├śrsted can use for analysis and optimization in order to reduce the calculations required for design simulations for predictive maintenance.

Predictive analytics for a higher availability of windmills

Juwi uses predictive analytics to identify major asset failures before they occur, so the company can purchase parts, plan maintenance, and do it more cheaply, dramatically reducing customer costs.

With Microsoft Cloud on the way to a sustainable future

Enefit, the leading energy service provider and producer of renewable energies in the Baltic States, relies on Azure IoT, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 for its energy transition.

BP relies on digital transformation and the cloud

With the use of AI in operations, e.g. For example, predictive maintenance and business insights from data, BP uses cutting-edge technology to drive business growth and meet security and sustainability goals.

Discover solutions for the transformation to sustainable energy

Developing innovative green energy solutionsIntelligent EdgeCustomer Service

Azure for the energy industry

Use advanced features like AI and machine learning to expand your options and reduce costs. Develop your business with the help of optimized, intelligent energy management solutions built on a foundation for highly secure devices and cloud innovations.

Windows for IoT

Leverage the power of Windows IoT to develop energy solutions with long-term support, and Windows ML and Azure IoT Edge support to combine Intelligent Edge with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Support your new energy services with agile agent and customer experiences that are provided via a central customer data source and via a uniform, expandable platform.