What are albinos


João Pedro from Brazil is a person with albinism. The picture shows him together with his mother.

A living being with albinism or albino is a human or an animal. His skin and hair are white. The pigments are responsible for the color in the skin and hair. These are small colored particles that normally everyone has. Albinos have fewer or none at all. That is why their skin or hair is white. This is not a disease, it is simply something special. It's called albinism.

Without pigments, the skin is very sensitive to the sun's rays. People with albnisism get sunburn very quickly. That is why they prefer to stay in the house or at least put on a good sunscreen.

Many albinos have other problems, especially with their eyes. Some can see quite well, others are blind. Squint can also come from albinism. Because there are no pigments, albinos' eyes are mostly red. That is because that is the real eye color of people. Some albinos also have other typical diseases.

A polar bear is not an albino because its camouflage color is white and all polar bears are white. A white penguin, on the other hand, is an albino because most penguins have a lot of black or even colored feathers. Albinism can be very dangerous for an animal: many animals usually have fur or feathers in camouflage colors so that they do not stand out in their surroundings. Predators discover albinos more easily.

People with albinism are sometimes teased or gawked at. In a few countries, many people even believe in sorcery. These people are afraid of albinos. Or they believe that if you eat parts of the albino's body, you will get healthy and strong. In Tanzania, for example, around 30 people are murdered every year as a result.

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