How Young Entrepreneurs Manage Their Time

That's how much time children and young people spend in front of their smartphones or PCs

Almost every household has smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs. Electronic media are constant companions of young people. TK wanted to know exactly: How much do young people go digital? How much time do you have left for exercise, meeting friends in the real world, or reading a book?

That is why we commissioned the polling institute Forsa to carry out a study on the health and media use of young people. Forsa surveyed 1,000 parents of 12 to 17 year old children and adolescents in July 2014. These are the most important results:

  • According to their parents, 50 percent of young people surf too much.
  • Only six out of ten parents have set a limit for online consumption with their child.
  • In addition, in 30 percent of families there are no agreements as to which pages the child may be on the Internet.
  • The older the parents, the less they deal with what their offspring are doing online.
  • Children whose parents also technically limit online access are more active in their free time.
  • On average, every seventh young person between the ages of 12 and 17 in Germany suffers from headaches. Extreme surfers are more than twice as likely to be affected at 26 percent.

When online becomes "offlife"

If adolescents find it difficult to put their smartphone down, if online more and more often means "off life" and if parents have the feeling that other hobbies that were previously pursued with passion are becoming uninteresting, this can also result from above-average consumption Become addicting. Almost every eighth parent said that the child is already showing the first signs of online addiction. The 14- and 15-year-olds are particularly affected. Every sixth young person shows addiction-like behavior.

But the data also show that a life without television, surfing or chatting is possible - even for young people. Around one in ten young people do without it. Maybe there are more interesting things to do after all ...

Would you like to know more about the results? Here you can find the TK study on media literacy among young people.