Is Trump a trailblazer

US radio host: Donald Trump's trailblazer Rush Limbaugh is dead

Rush Limbaugh is dead. The conservative American radio host died at the age of 70. His family said he lost the fight against lung cancer on Wednesday. Widow Kathryn Limbaugh announced the death news on the host's show. It was announced in January 2020 that Limbaugh had lung cancer.

US President Donald Trump, who was voted out in November, bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of the highest honors in the country, on Limbaugh, who was married four times and had no children, last year. Born in Missouri in 1951, Limbaugh was considered one of the most influential right-wing conservative journalists in the United States. For decades he had millions of listeners with his radio show, in which he also spread very controversial views.

Rush Limbaugh described Donald Trump as a saint

Anyone who listened to Limbaugh on election day could get an idea of ​​his relationship with the president, who was voted out of the country in November: his friend Donald Trump described Limbaugh on that day as a saint and savior. If the Democrats took over, the future would be bleak, said Limbaugh, believing that Joe Biden would declare himself the election winner (which Trump later did). (sli, wida, with dpa)

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