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Institute for Higher Military Command (IHMF)

The Institute for Higher Military Leadership is dedicated to teaching and basic research in the core areas of military science. The institute is responsible for the education, training and further education of people for employment in high military and civil leadership positions. The core of the teaching and research activities at the IHMF are the four units:

  • Surgery,
  • Tactics,
  • logistics
  • and leadership.

The second pillar of the institute is the training center, which is responsible for the implementation of the courses for which the IHMF is responsible.

Operation unit

The training and research content of the Operation Department ranges from teaching the theoretical fundamentals of operational management skills to the application of the operational planning process based on simulation games to participation in national and international exercises in the area of ​​cross-armed forces operational management.

Tactics unit

The Tactics Unit is responsible for the training, advanced training and further education of officers of the lower, middle and upper tactical command. In the context of military science, the fundamentals of the development of the battle scene, the organization of armed forces, tactical principles, as well as leadership and operational principles are researched. In addition to cross-disciplinary international cooperation, ongoing national and international deployments are analyzed.

Logistics department

The logistics department is responsible for military and multinational logistics. It researches, develops basic principles and offers expertise in the field of economic armed forces maintenance and provides models for the economization of military logistics.

Leadership department

The leadership theory section deals with the basic understanding of leadership and the necessary content such as the concept of leadership, leadership styles and leadership principles. It provides staff service expertise with the procedural implementation of the management procedure at the various management levels, including support procedures.


The Institute for Higher Military Command works with domestic and foreign institutions. In excerpts:

  • University of Vienna
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business, Department of World Trade, Institute of Transport & Logistics
  • Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
  • Federal Ministry of the Interior, Security Academy
  • Multinational Logistics Coordination Center, Prague (CZE)
  • Higher cadre training in the army, Lucerne (CHE)
  • Teaching Association of Tanks and Artillery, Thun (CHE)
  • Electronic tactics simulator for mechanized units, Thun (CHE)
  • Leadership Academy of the Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg (DEU)
  • Multinational Command Operational Leadership, Ulm (DEU)
  • NATO School, Oberammergau (DEU)
  • Army Officers School, Dresden (DEU)
  • Tactical Center of the Army, Dresden (DEU)
  • Baltic Defense College, Tartu (EST)
  • Joint Warfare Center, Stavanger (NOR)



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