What is ceramic car coating

Ceramic coating for the car

Car paint is sealed and protected by a ceramic coating

As a car owner, paint care never seems to come to an end. Washing, stripping, waxing, polishing. And yet one thing is certain: the next bird droppings, brake dust, swarms of mosquitoes, falling rocks, fading rays of sunshine will definitely come and make the paint look older and older. So-called ceramic sealing for the car provides a remedy here, because the ceramic coating offers one hard, transparent, abrasion-resistant layer on the paint. Since the sealing ceramic coating forms a solid bond with the substrate on a molecular basis, it is durable, and car owners enjoy less work to keep the paintwork clean and shiny.

This article informs you about the advantages of a ceramic coating for the car, how it is processed and which ceramic coating you can buy for your own use.

This is what the ceramic coating for the car offers

Ceramic coatings have many names: ceramic sealing, nano-sealing car, glass sealing, glass coating, liquid glass coating, nano-ceramic coating, coating made of ceramic and more. However, they hardly differ from one another. Because all are a type of nano-sealing car based on (nano-scale) silicon dioxide and / or titanium oxide. Silicon dioxide forms the majority of quartz glass, hence the many terms. Those nano coatings are hydrophobic, weather-resistant and have a self-cleaning beading effect. Ceramic-sealed car paints require little cleaning and make the car resistant to external influencesbecause the ceramic coating:

Ceramic coating ensures that new cars retain their value

  • hydrophobic is: Ceramic sealing is liquid-repellent. This causes water droplets to roll off and take dirt particles with them. The car wash becomes easier, less intensive and does not have to be done as often.
  • the Gloss level increased: Since ceramic seals are highly transparent and self-cleaning, the underlying color and effect of the lacquer are emphasized. The paint shines like on the first day.
  • chemically resistant is: Acids and road salts leave unsightly and paint-damaging stains. The same applies to bird droppings, tree resins and insect remains. Ceramic-sealed lacquer protects against harmful effects.
  • UV-resistant is: Sun rays make the car paint fade and look dull. The ceramic coating can delay this process.

Ceramic coating vs. hard wax and hot wax - comparison of durability and price

Whether hot wax in the car wash or carnauba wax from the can to polish yourself; we show how the ceramic coating compares to these two widely used types of paint care; also in terms of costs.

Compared to car waxes, the ceramic coating forms a covalent bond with the substrate. Hydrogen bonds and dipole forces create attachment, called chemical bonds, but not as strong as covalent bonds. Since waxes form weaker bonds with the substrate, they can be removed and therefore stick for a shorter time.

Hot wax (washing system)approx. 4 monthsCHF approx. 50
Hard waxup to 12 monthsCHF approx. 140
Ceramic sealbetween 1 and 5 yearsCHF approx. 370

The prices in Swiss Francs are indicative and are without guarantee. In addition, the price range for ceramic coatings for cars is particularly large, as many possible extra services play a role.

Ceramic sealing on car paint - make ceramic sealing yourself

The application of ceramic coatings is quite labor-intensive, as many aspects have to be taken into account. Like any other type of car paint, it is necessary trained specialists for ceramic sealing for the car. For most car owners, employing qualified car paint shops or workshops is worthwhile, as the result is higher quality, more durable and the investment is simply more effective. Still, some are Products for ceramic sealing of your own car are available on the market.

Ceramic coatings for the home cannot usually be compared with a professional one, which is why a satisfactory result cannot be guaranteed.

First of all, the condition of the substrate is crucial for a perfect result. The car must be cleaned thoroughly and be free of grease and dust. The ceramic coating is applied to the dry paint. Although the method of application may vary from product to product - please always read the product instructions - the general procedure consists of:

  1. Car wash and polishing. Mask off plastic parts. This is followed by cleaning and degreasing the paint surface with 15 percent isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth.
  2. Applying the seal on the applicator sponge / cloth. A very small amount of the ceramic sealant is sufficient.
  3. In circular motions or to and fro motions Application of the sealant on the car in sections of 50 x 50 cm or per panel of the body.
  4. Check after 5 minutes Check for irregularities and repair them by gently wiping them with a microfiber cloth.
  5. Dry and cure for several hours to let. This step should not be underestimated. Finally, the seal bonds with the paint surface and develops the protective properties.

The table contains a selection of possible products for ceramic sealing, for self-application on the car paint:

KochChemie 1K-Nano ceramic sealing 250 mlCHF approx. 160
Gyeon Q2 Mohs30 ml + 100 mlCHF approx. 100
CarPro CQuartz Pro Paint Protection50 mlCHF approx. 140

Please note that even the most robust ceramic coating wears off after a certain period of time. Then the renewal of the sealing of the car is due. Are you unsure? Ask for help from a professional car detailing company.

Auto seal ceramics in Switzerland

The professional ceramic coating at the preparer / detailer is more expensive than the one in your own garage, no question about it. However, you can look forward to a professional result and return to the guarantee in the event of problems. Costs result from working hours, equipment and the like. As a true car lover, you will be happy to spend the money on the perfect ceramic coating. Professionally executed Ceramic coatings cost from 300 Swiss francs upwards, depending on the vehicle size, number of layers and pretreatments, deep into the four-digit range. Please refer to the table for a selection of local ceramic sealers.

Applicator ceramic coatingLOCATION IN SwitzerlandCeramic coating used
Eco DryClean GmbHScheltenstrasse 18, 4153 ReinachWaxoyl Crystal Coating
Landhof-Garage AGRiehenstrasse 52-60, 4058 BaselWaxoyl Crystal Coating
Pretorian Car CareGlärnischstrasse 90, 8618 Oetwil am SeeNano Ceramic Protect H9
ewOline GmbHGewerbestrasse 11, 6330 ChamCeramic Coat Ultima
Beauty car detailNordringstrasse 33, 4563 GerlafingenC-Quartz Finest
Florian Flora's vehicle preparationMoosmattstrasse 16a, 8953 DietikonC-Quartz Finest

Are you interested in the ceramic sealing of a larger project, such as a vehicle fleet? Then contact us easily and free of charge by sending us an inquiry. We look forward to you!

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