What is wireframing in UI design

What are website wireframes?

UX design (User Experience) is a method of increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction by improving the usability and convenience of the interaction between the customer and the website, app or product. UI design (user interface) is closer to graphic design, but the area of ​​responsibility is more complex. In general, UX design comes before UI design. However, in the wireframe development process, UX and UI tend to overlap - and that is exactly what they should do. The focal points include:

Information architecture and wireframes

As part of the overall process of website development and wireframe creation, information architecture (IA) is about placing and prioritizing information so that future users of a website or mobile app can understand it. According to Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, there are four basic elements:

  • Organizational schemes and structures: categorize and structure information
  • Labeling systems: present information
  • Navigation systems: navigate through information
  • Search systems: Search and find information

A good IA starts with a comprehensive business analysis to develop a content strategy for an overview of the structure, content and design style based on the business objectives. Wireframes and paper prototypes are more important to check the accuracy of the analysis and strategy first step. Testing prototypes and wireframes is the best way to get feedback from users early in the design process so that costly redesigns don't have to be made after the release. Prototype and wireframe tests also help you check different designs for performance and user preferences in order to develop the best overall product.

Navigation design and wireframes

The navigation system comprises a number of screen elements with which the user can switch between individual pages. The navigation design should describe the relationship between the links so that users can intuitively understand their navigation capabilities. Typically, websites offer multiple navigation systems, including global, local, complementary, contextual, and accommodating navigation.

UI design and wireframes

UI design involves selecting and arranging UI elements that help users interact with system functions in a way that ensures maximum efficiency and ease of use. Common UI elements are buttons, text entry fields, check boxes, menus, and selection buttons.

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