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Current information You can find information on entry requirements, border controls and the security situation due to the spread of the coronaviruscurrently in our Corona travel information at

Information on worldwide travel restrictions:

Travel documents

Valid passport or identity card required until departure.

In Serbia, the duty to register applies to the police within 24 hours; the confirmation of registration must be carried with you. Hotels usually do the registration for their guests (in the case of private stays this has to be done by the accommodation provider).

Traveling to Kosovo: It is only possible to leave Kosovo for Serbia if the previous entry into Kosovo was via Serbia. If the entry into Kosovo is not from Serbia, but from another country, a direct onward journey to Serbia is NOT possible.

Good to know: The national driving license is not a valid travel document.

More info for issuing passports:

Special documents
Different regulations may apply to holders of special documents (e.g. service or diplomatic passports, etc.). Therefore, please inform the responsible representative authority (see "Important addresses") or on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.