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The Lux is a Los Angeles nightclub run by Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer runs the establishment with his girlfriend and the demon Mazikeen. In his absence, Amenadiel took over the Lux.

description[Edit | Edit source]

Upon entering the Lux, there is a platform overlooking the main area with stairs leading down.

Lucifer lives in the building's penthouse. An elevator seems to be the only way to get to Lucifer's house. But in "What Would Lucifer Do?" instead he is seen using stairs.

It is not known what Lucifer is storing between the penthouse and the main club. However, there is at least one kitchen on one floor; Lucifer used them in "Don't You Trust God Father?" To prepare dinner for Chloe Decker. Presumably there are apartments for the employees; Maze lived there.

There is also a wine cellar where Lucifer tried to imprison the goddess in Let there be light. There are prohibition tunnels under the Lux. According to Lucifer, "Howard Hughes used them to smuggle his mistresses away from his other mistresses".

history[Edit | Edit source]

In 2011 the Lux was an MMA bar called Rico's. Lucifer fought Amenadiel there in the cage, where Amenadiel gave up and lost to his brother.

In "Jealousy And Blackmail," Justin claims to be Lucifer Morningstar to impress girls.

In "Friends Help Each Other", Eleanor Bloom bought the building in which the Lux is located. She planned to demolish the building, but thanks to Chloe, the building was listed as a heritage site and protected from destruction.

In "The Infernal Guinea Pig" Abel leaves the Lux in the body of Bree Garland and is ironically hit by an ambulance because he does not know the traffic rules.

In "Sad Devil" it was revealed that Amenadiel took over the management of Lux after the departure of Lucifer. With Lucifer no longer there to do business, Amenadiel even banned low-level crimes like drug trafficking. Even Chloe admitted that the Lux had improved under his leadership. In "¬°Diablo!" however, things return to normal when Lucifer returns.

Trivia[Edit | Edit source]

  • "Lux" is Latin for "light", probably an allusion to the name "Lucifer", which means "light bringer".
  • It is unknown if Maze is still in charge of the Lux's finances or if someone else is now.
  • The entrance to the Lux changes between the seasons. In the first season there was a simple ramp entrance with "Lux" next to the door. In season three, it's a brightly lit grand entrance with velvet ropes holding back the crowds.