Which movie reminds you of your family

Which was your first movie?

The curtain is pulled aside. The screen towers majestically in front of the full cinema. The light goes out and projection starts. Can you still remember the first time you experienced this? Which movie was running?

After talking extensively about our most-watched films last week, this week we're going to get our first feature-length film. Can you even remember it and how was your very first cinema experience?

Luis went on a great little adventure with the Antz
There are many things I can’t remember from my childhood and I’m not sure about my first visit to the cinema, but in addition to fuzzy memories of Disney’s Mulan from 1998 (which I only remember because my younger brother attacked the Huns started to cry), one film stuck in my head in particular: Antz, also from 1998. I can't say why this one is still in my mind. Maybe it's the fact that as one of the first computer animated films at the time, Antz was just mind boggling. It probably wasn't because of the well-known cast, especially Woody Allen, who I didn't know at the time and of course the film was also shown in German. I wasn't a big fan of ants either. Well, I guess I just had a tit, as the valued Austrian would say ...

Peter got nightmares of Asterix & Obelix against Caesar
I can remember my first visit to the cinema relatively well, at least individual pictures of the car ride, the hall and, above all, the film got stuck. As a six-year-old Michel from Lönneberga-Verschnitt I was allowed to visit Omi in the Ruhr area with the whole family in the cinema, and Asterix & Obelix against Caesar was on the program. My two great childhood heroes on screen - a dream. I also had a lot of fun, but it turned out a little later in the film that the French understood something different by child-friendly humor: In order to save his buddy Obelix, the shrewd Asterix has to endure some torture. Including the rack, a pool full of alligators and diving with tarantulas. These scenes haunted me for a long time.

Christoph let the Care Bears cuddle him
The film that comes to mind when I ask about my first visit to the cinema is Care Bears II: In Adventure Land. At the time, the whole world (or at least my elementary school class) seemed to be in the care bear craze. I am sure I will also have the Care Bear button somewhere that my mother bought for me in the foyer of the rather large and rather empty cinema so that I could follow the adventures of the animated stuffed animals in style. Unfortunately, I don't know too much about the film itself, except that the villain Zaubermax was a truly villainous rogue before the Care Bears showed him that being nice can also be a lot of fun.

David was entranced by Robin Williams' body horror in Mrs. Doubtfire
I can't say that I have particularly vivid memories of what was possibly my first movie, Mrs. Doubtfire - The Prickly Nanny (had I first seen Disney's Aladdin, which started a year earlier, in the cinema or on VHS?). But it seems to me that this cinema experience left a lasting mark on me, at least in terms of my affection for the films with Robin Williams. Because the fun I later had with Jumanji and even Flubber in the cinema, I owe a large part to his heartfelt game. Strangely, the only scene in Mrs. Doubtfire that I can still vividly remember is the one in which Robin Williams strips off the mask and fatsuit of his alter ego for the first time. Who knows, maybe that early body horror experience was a little overwhelming when I was only six.

Andrea ousted The Lion King
According to the legends, I was introduced to cinematography - like so many of my class - with Disney's The Lion King, brother and cousins. I was 8 years old and the impressions of it are dwindling. However, my cousin remembers as if it were yesterday. She held back her tears the entire drive home from the cinema in order not to lose my brother's reputation, but as soon as we got out, it broke out of her. Another Disney victim ...