When should you change your major?

Change of subject in the first semester

If you are studying at the University of Konstanz and would like to switch to a completely different subject, you can apply for a subject change so that you can then be enrolled in the first semester of the new subject. This applies to both major and minor subjects.

If your previous subject is the same in terms of subject matter and content as your new subject, it is not possible to downgrade to your current or a lower subject semester. If in doubt, please discuss this with the relevant academic advisor.


Even if you are not a citizen of a country in the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, follow this procedure. You do not have to apply again via uni-assist. However, please inform the immigration office as early as possible of your wish to change your subject.

The application process

This overview will help you to orientate yourself in the application process. All topics on this page are sorted according to the point in time in the application process. With the help of the table of contents at the top of the page, you can address specific questions.

What do i need to know before i apply?

entry requirements

Application periods

What exceptions are there for special groups of applicants?

I would like to improve my application chances through a special application (cases of hardship, top athletes, waiting time, duty).

What do I have to consider when applying?

How do I apply?

Application documents

I applied - what now?

How can I track the status of my application?

When will I be admitted to the course?

How does the selection process for courses with restricted admission work?

Before applying

entry requirements

You need a university entrance qualification. If you have acquired your university entrance qualification abroad, you can check on the website of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs whether your foreign certificate is recognized in Germany.

Further admission requirements:

Application periods

For information on the application deadlines, please refer to our range of courses.


These dates are deadlines!

If you are applying for a course with several sub-courses (e.g. teacher training) and one of the subjects is subject to restricted admission, the application deadline for courses with restricted admission applies to you.


Your application is deemed to have been received when you submit your online application (by confirming your data in the last step) online. You do not have to send us any further documents.

Special procedure

I would like to improve my application chances with a special application.

You can increase your chances of getting a place in one by special requests restricted admission Increase degree program.

You can only submit a special application with the application for admission to the first semester of a course with restricted admission.

There are special requests

The application

How do I apply?

  1. Log in to your ZEuS account as a student
  2. Under the tab "My studies" click on "Online application"
  3. Fill out the online application
  4. Upload your evidence (certificates) in your application online.
  5. Send your application "online" to the University of Konstanz (with the confirmation of your data)

Submitting your application after the application deadline is not possible.

Exceptions: If you would like to be enrolled in a teaching degree in accordance with the old GymPO-I 2009 examination regulations (state examination), please contact Sascha Rademacher directly.

For law (first legal examination) and psychology, apply on the Hochschulstart.de portal.


Even if you apply for a change of subject in the next semester, you should re-register for your previous degree program. When you are admitted and have accepted the study place, the change of subject is complete.

Application documents

As a rule, we need the following documents from you:

  1. If you are changing the subject and are already in at least the third semester, please enclose proof of study-related advice
  2. If necessary, application for hardship
  3. If you would like to switch from the subject of biology, chemistry and / or physics to a new subject, please submit a discharge certificate from the department. You can obtain this from the department secretariat

After applying

How can I track the status of my application?

We will notify you by email when you have submitted your online application. You will also be informed by email as soon as your postal application has been received and if your application status has changed further.

In addition, you can view the application status and the receipt of your application documents in the ZEuS application portal under the heading "My application".

If you are applying for a bachelor's degree in psychology or law (first legal examination), you can find out about the status of your application on the Hochschulstart.de application portal.

When will I be admitted to the course?

Degree programs without admission restrictions

If you apply for a course without admission restrictions, you will be asked to enroll. You accept the study place offer via email. You must also re-register for the relevant semester. Only then can the subject change be completed.


Degree programs with restricted admission

A selection process takes place for courses with restricted admission. If you are selected, you will receive a letter of admission from the university. You will be asked to accept the offered study place within a certain period (usually 9 to 14 calendar days). You accept the study place by sending an email to the relevant admissions officer. Please keep in mind that you can only change your subject once you have re-registered for the relevant semester. If you change subjects in biology and / or chemistry, you still have to submit the respective confirmation of discharge from the department secretariat.


How does the selection process for courses with restricted admission work?

There are only a limited number of places in courses with restricted admission. If the number of applicants is greater than the number of study places, a selection will be made.

Step 1: Selection of special groups of applicants

Of the total number of places available in a course, the following are reserved:

  • 8% (at least one study place) for foreign applicants who are not treated as equivalent to German applicants ("non-EU / EEA foreigners")
  • 5% (at least one study place) for hardship cases
  • 2% (at least one study place) for second degree applicants
  • 1% (at least one study place) for top athletes and holders of a public electoral office

If there are more applicants than places in this step, a selection will be made. First and foremost, the grade of the university entrance qualification counts. Remaining places are allocated in steps 2 and 3.

Step 2: pre-selection for a service

Applicants who have not started a study place due to the completion of a service will be admitted before all other applicants if they reapply for the same course after the service has ended.

Step 3: Selection based on suitability and waiting time

Of the remaining places on a course, 90% are awarded according to suitability and 10% according to the waiting time. The bachelor's degree in Literature-Art-Media is an exception.

To determine suitability, the average grade of the university entrance qualification as well as relevant professional training, practical experience, extracurricular performance and voluntary commitment are used as a rule

The criteria are weighted. The resulting number of points determines your place on the ranking list according to suitability.


Please use our contact form for questions about application and enrollment.

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