Why do the Turks convert to Tengriism

Character backgrounds

IDs that can be credibly accommodated in the forum without any problems

Catholic (Christian)

Almost all Catholic peoples are testified in Jerusalem.

Particularly prominent and important were:

French + Occitan

Italians (from both maritime republics and feudal states, e.g. Tuscany, Patrimonium Petri or Sicily)


Flemings (the Flemish nobility is often French-speaking)

Also attested and plausible are:

English people

Spaniards (Catalans, Castilians, Aragonese, Navarrese, etc.)


Bohemia, Moravia and Slovaks






Croatians + Slovenes

Scandinavians (Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Icelanders)

Orthodox (christian)

Greeks (the upper class of the Greek Orthodox natives spoke Greek; there were also settlers from Byzantium)

Arabs (Orthodox Arabs are called Melkites; very numerous in the Kingdom of Jerusalem)


Armenian (Christian)

Armenians (a very national religious group, non-ethnic Armenians who have the Armenian denomination are difficult to imagine)

Coptic (Christian)

Egyptian Christians




Arabs (both Sunni and Shiite-Ismaili; Shiite-Imamite is also conceivable, albeit rarely at that time. Druze, members of a regional sect of Muslims, are also conceivable)


Misrachim (that is, Arabic-speaking, Middle Eastern Jews)

IDs that can only be placed in the KJ with limited credibility


Turks (would be an exception as free IDs in the Kingdom of Jerusalem and Ascalon. Turks are, however, credible as military slaves and mercenaries)

Persians (rarely in Palestine, at best imaginable as scholars from far away or as members of the assassins)

Nestorian (Christian)

Iraqi and Persian Christians (very rare in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, still more represented in Antioch, etc.)

Maronite (Christian)

Arabs (native to Lebanon, but also conceivable as immigrants in Jerusalem)


Khitan (a people related to the Mongols, who in our time were in the process of conquering a short-lived Buddhist empire in Central Asia. Slaves from the Khitan-Seljuk wars are conceivable)

Pagan / indigenous people

African pagans (especially slaves from South Sudan, Mali, Senegal etc .; only in individual cases from further south)

Cumans, Pechenegs, Kipchaks, Volga-Bolgars (steppe peoples who adhered to Tengriism; coveted slaves among Muslims)

Komi, Udmurten, Mordvinen (Ural peoples who adhered to the ancient Finnish religion; credible as Muslim slaves)


Bulgarians, Serbs, Russians, Alans (for Orthodox people not from the immediate vicinity of the region, Palestine was quite uninteresting; but Russian visitors are occupied, and of course Muslim slaves from the region)


Ashkenazim (German Jews)

Sephardim (Spanish Jews)

Italian and Greek Jews

(These groups are theoretically conceivable as emigrants to Jerusalem)

Not very credible / not at all credible IDs:

The following IDs could travel to Palestine, but it would be a little illogical for them to be in the Holy Land


Persians (once the state religion of the Persian Empire, now a minority religion. Hardly unimaginable in Palestine. Zoroastrians fleeing religious unrest usually went to India)

Other minority religions

Mandaeans, Manichaeans, Yazidi (tiny religions, mainly native to Iraq and Persia, difficult to imagine in Palestine)

For the following peoples, a trip to Palestine is almost completely or absolutely impossible

In the




Finns, Samoyeds and other Siberian peoples

Slavic pagans (from today's northeastern Germany and northern Poland)

Baltic pagans (from today's Baltic countries + Prussia)



South Africans

Southeast Asians

South Sea residents


Doesn't fit into our time

Extinct religions (e.g. Celtic-Druidic, Nordic - there are no more Vikings, Roman, Babylonian etc.) or religions that do not yet exist (Sikhism, Protestantism)

Anachronistic peoples (too early, e.g. Americans, Kalmyks, Belarusians, or too late, e.g. Sumerians, Babylonians)

Also not very credible, but conceivable with a good background story

IDs whose peoples do not belong to the normal faith, e.g. an Italian Muslim, an Orthodox French or a Catholic Turk, must provide a credible story of how the ID was converted, otherwise they are strange.