What does I2s stand for

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Hello Günther,

I had also dealt with that, as many rave about this connection. The I²S interface (Inter-IC Sound) was developed by Philips, see Wikipedia. The I²S interface is used exclusively for the transmission of digital audio data.

The special feature is that the audio data (SD) are transmitted separately from the clock (SCK) via a separate line. Word select (WS) enables the separation between the right and left channels.

Compared to USB, the (theoretical) advantages are that there is no bidirectional communication. There is only one direction for data transfer, namely from the audio PC to the DAC. In contrast to USB, there is no buffering, but a strictly synchronous transmission without pauses between the individual values. If I understand correctly, the clocks in the DAC only play a subordinate role. For example, the master clock is located on the Pink Faun card. In addition, the I²S interface enables the shortest route to the DSP (digital signal processor). Denafrips advertises it as "probably the best digital input interface yet". Compared to USB, there is no coding / decoding effort or the reconstruction of the sampling frequency. The separation of data and clock should make it easier to control jitter.

Holzohr Amir sees it completely differently: Study: Is I²S interface better for DACs than S / PDIF or USB? After correcting a mistake in the configuration, he could at least not notice any deterioration.

HDMI and LAN cables (8 pins) are possible. I ordered the LAN version from Pink Faun. You have to specify the DAC because, as Hans-Martin already wrote, there is no standard. Unfortunately, despite a lot of effort, I couldn't get the map to work. The card was recognized immediately by Windows and could be selected for output in the HQPlayer. Despite trying out all possible assignments in the Denafrips Terminator Plus, only disturbing noises came in. In addition, a maximum resolution of 192kHz PCM would have been possible. I left it then.

Greetings Gabriel