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Artist Profile: Walter Volbers

58 A: You are one of the first 3D artists in Germany - is it still fun?

Walter Volbers: Funnily enough, it's still interesting.

In my opinion, it will stay that way as long as the software continues to exist in the future (editor's note. It's about Softimage).

This is the only dark cloud with a built-in fun brake!

As for software and development:

Of course everything has become more complex, but I still try to remain an "all-rounder", even if not in all areas!

That doesn't make it boring.

58A: What do you like about abstract computer animation?

Walter Volbers: That, for example, I can only create something with beautiful colors and materials that creates an aesthetic look on the wall, although I tend to break or destroy things in the 3D program.

58A: Have you ever shown your pictures to the public or did an exhibition?

Walter Volbers: A definite Jain! A few notable successes in 3D forums otherwise rather a drawer. I actually tend to move images, which means that I make 3D short films in my free time.

The last one was very exhausting and time consuming.

Maybe that's why I discovered the manageable in abstract computer animation.

Only developing or rendering in such print resolutions is still very time-consuming here. (Note from the Red: 2 days rendering time on 7 (!) Busy computers)

58A: It is said that you also like to take pictures of special places. Which places are these?

Walter Volbers: Those were the "Lost Places". That was and is very attractive.

Certainly an adventurous experience somewhere where I discovered beautiful motifs.

But this can also quickly turn into a life-threatening situation when you are traveling alone and, as is so often the case, in a dead zone.

That's why I gave up at some point.

Otherwise I agree with the motto "No Risk: No Fun".

58A: These places seem to bring a calm with them, -what relaxes you?

Hmmm, to be honest, it was never really relaxing: -It's rather too quiet and when you hear a noise somewhere, you're tense.

Be it that you are discovered by the security service or over-motivated military sports groups or that you meet homeless people.

What finally moved me to stop was the encounter with junk thieves.

58A: What happened there?

Walter Volbers: Nothing really, but the mood was very funny.

That could also have gone backwards: - scrap thieves, - radio hole,

I'm alone with a camera ... A good one too ...

58A: How do you imagine everyday life without a computer (smartphone would be allowed :)

Walter Volbers: As a deserted and flood-protected island with excellent cuisine.

58A: Humans are a great invention of nature: right or wrong?

Walter Volbers: Correct! -And we're still waiting for the great invention,

which has nothing to do with 42! (Editor's note: Read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

It would be nice if everyone could live like everyone else.

58A: Do you have any wishes?

Walter Volbers: The usual: a long and independent life for everyone.

58A (materialism question): What is your next purchase?

Walter Volbers: I now think that it will be a HD fl├Ątty.

At that time (in the last millennium) I bought a high-end branded device in the PAL resolution marriage of tube television technology and as long as it does not implode, no new device will come up on the wall.

58A: Mister Volbers, it was a party to chat with you.