Why are people so easily betrayed

People with this trait are most likely to be cheated on, according to the study

Who cheated by his partner and thus Victim of an affair who often looks for the guilt in his own behavior. Of course, you are not the reason for this yourselfBreach of trust, but rather the actions of the actually dearest person in life who triggered this pain that one now feels. Nonetheless, now found one scientificOhio State Universtiy Study out that People with a certain character trait are cheated much more oftenthan others. Which property therefore has an influence on whether the partner is cheating, we will tell you now.

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This trait ensures that you are cheated more often

If a person cheats on their partner and thereby commits the worst possible betrayal in a relationship, then they have often for different reasons - this is also confirmed by the study carried out by Meghna Mahambrey. At the same time, the scientist found the Personality types of the victim looked more closely, found out that a specific property the risk of being cheated is significantly increased. Who namely towards his partner becomes careless, does not seem conscientious and is therefore inconsiderate, who is increasingly exposed to the risk of fling. It only gets worse as soon as you are already married, because, according to the researcher, then above all things should a warm, helpful manner and thus a particularly nice characterdrive his partner to this breach of trust. The reason given for this is that the cheater thinks he will be more likely to be forgiven for his betrayal. We are shocked but still believe that Above all, the blame falls on the person who simply betrays the most important people in life. 💔

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