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Hyrule city

Hyrule city, also City of Hyrule called, is the capital of Hyrule. In the episodes, the city mostly has a similar basic structure, but is different in detail. The city has a market square where the everyday goings-on of the citizens can be seen. Winding streets and other secrets are hidden in the city.

Hyrule City in Ocarina of Time

Geography of the city

Link comes to town after receiving the Kokiri Emerald. The main gate in the south can be seen from afar. The gate is only open during the day. Behind the entrance you can already hear the hustle and bustle in the Hyrule market square. Once you have reached the market square, you can see stalls and shops. There is a fountain in the middle. It is bourgeois houses that shape the image of Hyrule City. There is a side street with a few apartments. Clotheslines are stretched across the alleys. If you listen to the citizens, you can tell that they are loyal to their king and get one or two help with the game. To the east there is a staircase that leads to the Citadel of Time. In the north the path leads to Hyrule Castle.

Economy [edit]

Economically, Hyrule City is a great gathering point for retailers. There are various shops and stores that sell their goods. Rubies are the official currency in the kingdom. The bazaar offers goods for adventure travel and military use. The magic shop has potions and other strange trade goods like a will-o'-the-wisp and blue fire that is cold. There are also game stores like the Shooting Gallery and Mine Bowling Alley that offer interesting grand prizes for entry. There is also a mask shop that only rents masks and does not sell them, and one shop that is only open at night. They sell crawling mines, but only while stocks last. If the inventory is sold, the shop no longer offers anything. There is also a chest lottery where you can always choose between 2 chests, with one of the chests containing the key that is needed to advance. In the other, depending on the color of the room, there is a 1, 5 or 20 ruby. But one can cheat by activating the Eye of Truth; so you can look into the chests. In the last room there is a heart piece the first time and then always a 50s ruby.


The religious center of Hyrules is also in the city. If you leave the market square to the east, you come to the Citadel of Time. It is one of the greatest sanctuaries in the country. The time portal is located in it. It only opens when the three holy stones are placed on the altar and then the hymn of time is played with the ocarina of time. The master sword is behind the gate. There should be something else in it: The entrance to the Holy Kingdom and the Triforce.

Hyrule town in The Minish Cap

Economy [edit]

In this part the name is twisted so that the city is now City of Hyrule called. You visit quite early because this time the Minish festival is celebrated here. There is a central field with 4 stalls and lots of shops around. At the bottom left is a fruit stand, over it the competitor with the vegetable stand. At the top right a goron trading in luck fragments and below Terri, who sells to Link Tyrup. To the left of the trading place are three houses, in the upper one is a cobbler, underneath a house in which you can repeat fights, and underneath a normal residential building. The city has a mini game center and bakery to the east of the square. Also the well-known fountain that is in each Hyrule city is available, but this time it is placed inconspicuously in a corner by the river. Below the square is a cafe and an item shop. The market square can be left under an archway towards the north, where you can now go straight to the castle, right into the school and left to a library and the post office. In the southwest of the city there is also the Minitendo gallery and Mutoh and the carpenters are building a house above it. There is a hotel at the easternmost point of the city. The mayor's house is also located between the hotel and the market square.

Residents [edit]

Many important people live in the city. So the postman always walks happily through town to deliver letters. The mayor also sits in his residence and other people who are active in professions work in their place of work, such as the teacher or the hotel owner. There are also 3 women in the hotel who play a very important role in other games and are seen as goddesses: Nayru, Farore and Din. Two of them can be provided with accommodation, the third has to stay there for the rest of the game. However, there are also 6 other people in town who are likely to be familiar from previous Zelda games. Master Mutoh and his 4 carpenters are busy building houses for the residents of the city and near the western exit is the house of Dr. Wright. Towards the end of the game there are also quite a few guards running around to rid the city of monsters.

Hyrule City in Twilight Princess

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Geography of the city

The capital of Hyrule is centrally located here, in the middle of the province of Ranelle. The city's buildings are made of white marble. The market square is in the center of the city. In the middle there is a fountain, outside there is a café and shops. The streets lead in all four directions. There is a doctor's practice in the eastern part of the village. The doctor who works there specializes only in Hylians.

Economy [edit]

Hyrule City is the richest and most vibrant city in the country. She owns innumerable stores and businesses. In the city center there is a café and a shop where gorons sell equipment and potions. After the construction of the bridge behind the east entrance has been financed and a donation has been made for the market, a branch of the Maromarkt will be built in Hyrule City. At the opening, the goods were offered at reduced prices. The offer: elixirs, equipment and special armor. Various stalls and vendors sell their goods in the streets and the restaurant Thelmas Taverne can be found in the city. There is also a doctor in town, who is also important for the story, but doesn't do anything for Link afterwards. Next to the café there is a building where Gorons sell their wares, and in the south there are fruit and vegetable stalls where Link unfortunately cannot buy anything. In between there is also a goron who offers fresh spring water for 20 rubies.

  • The trade route in Hyrule City South

  • The oldest café in town

Hyrule City in Spirit Tracks

Hyrule city

Click on a train station

Area: Woodland
Residents: Hasko's wife, chicken farmer, and much more.

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Geography of the city

In Spirit Tracks, Hyrule City is divided into two parts: the southern part and the northern part. In the south is the actual city: the usual well, three houses, a shop, a chicken coop (in which five chickens can be bought for 50 rubies) and the dojo “One against all”. In the north is the Hyrule Castle.

Hyrule city in Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, Hyrule City is completely destroyed and nothing more than ruins are left. A hundred years after the Great Desolation, it is guarded by guards, some active and some inactive. Chests with rubies or other items can still be found in the ruins of the houses. The city is bordered by a partially preserved wall, with guards outside the city patrolling near this wall. It can also happen that you are attacked by two Yiga novices within the city.


  • The fountain is found in every Hyrule city.
  • If you click on one of the fruit or flower stands in Twilight Princess, it says that you have received flowers / fruit, but put it away again because the seller is not present.
  • A Wanted poster from Tingle hangs in the Spirit Tracks store.
  • When the sun is already going down, but the whine that ushers in the night has not yet come, it is still broad daylight in the market square in Ocarina of Time.