Do Switchwords really work



7. So that Switchwords can work for you

By Kat Miller

translated by Birgit Ahues

Some Switchwords manifest themselves very quickly for some people and take longer for others, the reasons for which are not always obvious.

One of the keys to making Switchwords work is to say a Switchword once and follow Inner Guidance. In other words, follow inspiration.
The Switchword GUARD is for your protection. If you say GUARD and you feel the urge to do something that is different from your normal routine, then "do it". The feeling you have is the suggestion of your inner being that helps you protect yourself.
The Switchword ON is for the transport. If you say ON and you have the impulse to step out of your usual habits, then "do it".

Why follow the impulse?
You follow your impulse because you want to stay connected with all that is.
What does that mean?
We have all had negative experiences in our lives.
The list can be long.
We have all had positive experiences in our lives.
The list may be short and sweet.
The reason we have (+/-) experiences is there for a reason.
The reason is to gain feelings.
We gain feelings to give ourselves a frame of reference, and that frame of reference gives meaning to our lives.

We invent opposites.
We invite opposites.
We want to feel alive.
We are the tasters of sensations.
We are connected to All That That Is

For example, if you have the impulse to leave a building through a different door than the door you usually use, then "do it".

Why should you go through another door?
Maybe you will meet friends. You greet each other and this conversation seems to dry up. However, they turn to you and start chatting. During the easy conversation you discover that you are on the same path and your interest is piqued, but you do not want to interrupt it. To your surprise, without your asking them to, they offer you to take you in the car. Exactly what you needed! So fitting!

Take a look at the result achieved!
You followed an impulse.
You got the result you wanted.
Well, take that where it takes you.
Get the feeling that you have experienced that All That That Is in the whole universe is working for you all the time!

Well how does it feel to be so connected to it?

Switchwords are words that suggest the unconscious / inner being an experience that you want to have. Immediately after you say a Switchword with that intention, your inner being tries to find a way to create (attract) an experience. If you ignore the prompt of your inner being, then you say "it doesn't matter, it's done."

In my opinion, Switchwords work faster for some than others because some listen to the inner being and some don't. The more experience you have with Switchwords, the more you learn to follow the guidance of your inner being and the more magical you will find the Switchwords.
Knowing the law of attraction will help you use Switchwords. If you use a Switchword, then you concentrate on the lack (more than on the desire), then you have immediately deleted the request that you have just started.


Life is:
Receiving experiences.
Receive feelings.
Solve problems.
Taste sensations.
If you don't know the sadness
then how can you experience joy
and know how it feels
If you don't know the frustration about mistakes made,
Then how can you experience the joy of success
And know what it feels like?
If you don't know the raging storm
then how can you experience the relaxation of calm
and know how it feels

You have to know both the negative
And the positive one
to be able to recognize total happiness in happiness
to be able to recognize the complete satisfaction in the satisfaction
to be able to recognize the complete relaxation in the relaxation.

Realize that your Inner Being is always using your Emotional Guidance System to lead you to your goals. If you feel good, then you are on the way you want to be. When you feel bad, you are out of alignment with who you really want to be. And if you feel that Switchwords isn't working for you, maybe you're not focusing on the right one. Switchword always works with your inner being. They work for your greater good and cannot be used in a way that is inconsistent with that path. In other words, Switchwords can't bring anything negative to you. If you use it with the intent that it is causing harm to yourself or others, then you will not receive guidance or drive from your inner being and you may feel that Switchwords is not working for you.

If Swichtwords doesn't seem to work for you, maybe the reasons are:

1. You are not aligned with your inner being.
2. You don't listen to your emotional guidance system.
3. You accidentally cancel your request after applying it by having misaligned thoughts and / or taking action without being inspired.

Sincerely, Birgit