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Cashier's check, personal check, check law, bearer check, name check

Check. Payment processing with a cashier's check

Check. The form of a crossed check
an instruction to a credit institution to pay a certain sum of money on behalf of the issuer. It is issued by the debtor and given to the recipient. For his part, the recipient seldom passes the check on as a means of payment, but instead presents it himself or through his bank to the debtor's bank. The Cashier's check will be redeemed in cash by the bank on request, during the Personal check will be credited to the submitter's account. Crossed checks are created by adding "only for clearing" on the front of the check. The presentation period for checks in Germany is 8 days (other European countries 20 days), starting with the day specified in the check as the date of issue. A revocation of the check is only effective after the presentation period has expired.

A check certificate must have certain, im Check Act Mandatory information includes: 1) the term “check” in the text of the document; 2) the unconditional instruction to pay a sum of money determined in terms of amount and currency; 3) the name of the person who is to pay (this drawee is not the issuer, but the bank on which the check was drawn); 4) the indication of the place of payment (if the place is missing, the check is by no means invalid); 5) the date and place of issue of the check; 6) the handwritten signature of the exhibitor.

At the Bearer check no specific person is designated as the recipient or the addition "or bearer" is added when the address is mentioned. At the Name check is called a specific person or bearer clause.

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