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defenseless (German) [edit]


Word separation:

defenseless, comparative: defenseless, superlative: most defenseless


IPA: [ˈveːɐ̯loːs]
Audio samples: defenseless (Info)
Rhymes: -eːɐ̯loːs


[1] unable to defend oneself; unable to defend himself


Derivation of the adjective from the noun Weir with the derivative (derivative morpheme) -Come on and the joint element-s

Sense releated words:

[1] disenfranchised, without rights, defenseless, unprotected, vulnerable, outlawed
[1] at the mercy of arbitrariness, without rights, without protection


[1] He stood up to the attacker defenseless across from.
[1] Many of them [the Thai children] are forced to work in brothels, raped and beaten. Often times the kids are using drugs defenseless made.[1]
[1] Similar to snakes, this [a bite from a monitor lizard] leads to cramps, a sudden drop in blood pressure and intermittent blood clotting - the victim is after a bite defenseless and bleeding to death.[2]

Characteristic word combinations:

[1] a defenselessBaby one defenselessDisabled, one defenselessPrey, defenselessRefugees, defenselessPrisoners, defenselessCreatures, one more defenselessSick, one defenselessCreature, defenselessPeople, defenselessFellow human beings, a defenselessVictim, defenselessPassers-by, a more defenselessRetiree who defenselessCountry, defenselessAnimals that defenselessCivilian population, defenselessCivilians
[1] defenselesslying there, someone defenselessface
[1] helpless and defenseless,naked and defenseless,passed out and defenseless,weak and defenseless,unarmed and defenseless,innocent and defenseless,hurt and defenseless,surprised and defenseless

Word formations:


Translations [edit]

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Similar words (German):

similarly written and / or pronounced:dishonorable