How do I make hostas healthier

Partially shaded beds. Light and shade for perennials and hydrangeas.

Partially shaded beds have many advantages for many plants. In contrast to sun beds, where the sun burns all summer, it is much more relaxed in shady and partially shaded beds. The soil stays moist longer and the plants do not suffer as much from the summer heat. The deeper the shade, the more these beds need sparkling flowers and / or perennials with variegated leaves.

Hostas (hostas) are ideal perennials for shady spots.

Decorative foliage plants are wonderful perennials for shady to partially shaded beds. Hostas are absolutely frugal and if you choose snail-resistant varieties, you won't have any trouble with them.

Lily of the valley and the romantic bleeding heart also bring light and color to partially shaded beds. And a lot of joy. Other plants that do well in partial shade: Hepatica, lungwort, violets, ferns and clematis.

Hydrangeas also love partial shade

Most hydrangeas do best in partial shade. Too much sun stresses them out and burns their flowers. Too little sun, the eternally thirsty trees with fewer flowers. So off with you in the penumbra - if you have and can.

The bleeding heart, the most romantic of all garden shrubs

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Hardly any other plant arouses such nostalgic and romantic feelings as the bleeding heart. The perennial is exceptionally pretty and very easy to care for.

Hydrangeas facing south? Goes so.

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Not a good place for hydrangeas facing south? My tip: Provide sustainable, natural shade yourself & design a partially shaded bed for your favorite plants.

Mini hostas, the best perennials for bed margins and tree grates.

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Mini hostas are small hostas. They are robust and easy to care for, frame beds beautifully, green tree slices, cover up wilting early bloomers, bloom beautifully and some even have a smell. Garden design can sometimes be wonderfully simple.

Lily of the valley in the garden. Easy to care for, pretty, but poisonous.

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If you want to have lilies of the valley in your garden, you need a lot of patience, luck and partial shade. If there is no partial shade, the lily of the valley population takes care and refuses.

Propagate garden primroses with step-by-step instructions.

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Propagate garden primroses: This is how you get many young and vital garden primroses for free from just one plant. Detailed step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures.

Cutting clematis. When, which and why.

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Clematis are extremely nimble climbing plants. Some varieties climb 20-50 cm per day to shoot and then set numerous flowers. Other clematis build on their basic structure all year round and bloom even earlier in the year - and abundantly. The right cut at the right time is crucial for all clematis.

Finally healthy hostas / hostas. For the love of the shadow garden.

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Hostas enliven partially shaded beds and even make shade gardens sparkle. All good reasons to plant this beautiful ornamental leaf. But be careful: hostas / hostas quickly awaken the collecting passion of infected plant lovers. Be warned as a precaution.

Hydrangeas in the sun. Yes or no?

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Hydrangeas in a sun-drenched south-facing garden: variety selection, care and what to do when hydrangea flowers get sunburned.

Sharing hostas: how to make many out of one plant.

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How to split hostas and get more than 20 plants from just one mini hosta for free. Ideal for densely planting larger areas.