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Cost of garage doors

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The cost of garage doors and garage door operators

As diverse as the garage doors are, as diverse is the price level in which they operate. Depending on the requirements that builders place on safety, comfort and appearance, the garage door costs different. There are basically three decisive factors that make up the price:

  • the type of gate
  • the door operator
  • the chosen material
Tip: The cheapest offer price for a prefabricated garage usually only includes a simple door variant, usually a mechanically operated up-and-over door. As part of the garage configuration, the desired garage door as well as additional equipment and accessories can be specified; the prices for the entire garage change accordingly.

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Up-and-over and roller doors priced at the front

Up-and-over doors and the rather rare up-and-over doors are the cheapest door types and are available for a few hundred euros. The up-and-over door is included as standard in the price of most prefabricated garages. The disadvantages of this door variant: There must be enough space for the door leaf in front of and next to the up-and-over door, including in the garage. This can cause problems on short driveways, as the car cannot be parked in the driveway to open the garage.

Sectional doors are higher in price. On the other hand, they offer a very high level of visual elegance, are space-saving and convenient to use. Also in comparison more expensive than up-and-over doors are roller doors, which are very space-saving because the slats of the door leaf wind up over the garage lintel like a roller shutter.

Swing gates with one or two leaves occupy a special position today and, as they are usually made of wood, are rather expensive.

When choosing the right door type, the decisive factor is whether the builder prefers a low price or values ​​convenience, appearance and space savings.

The following overview is only a guide. Depending on the manufacturer, the design of the garage and the selected extras, the prices can vary considerably. If a garage door is retrofitted, there are additional installation costs between 300 and 500 euros:

Door typeGoal price
Sectional doorFrom 1,000 euros
Swing gateFrom 600 euros
rolling gateFrom 700 euros

Wood is expensive, steel cheap

When it comes to door materials, it is noticeable that wood is very expensive compared to steel and aluminum. An up-and-over door made of wood costs many times more than a model made of sheet steel. This is due to the higher effort involved in the construction. In addition, only very weather-resistant and therefore high-quality woods are generally used for garage doors. The higher price then pays off with an exclusive and extravagant look. The cheapest garage doors are made of plastic, plastic slats are often offered for roller doors, for example. However, the savings in material also come at the expense of safety.

Garage doors made of wood are usually only available as up-and-over doors. If you want to use the advantages of a sectional door and still want a wood look, you can use steel sectional doors with a wood look in the infill.

Garage doors made of wood for single garages are available from a price of approx. 1,200 euros. However, the follow-up costs must also be taken into account here. A wooden door needs to be painted with wood preservatives at regular intervals. This is the only way to keep it stable and beautiful in the long term.


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Additional requests cost extra

Anyone who wants a wicket door, transparent sections or light cut-outs for their sectional garage door must expect additional financial expenses. Additional burglar protection, extra insulation or special designs of the doors for structural features are more expensive. The additional costs depend on the individual case and the installation situation and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Tip: The price comparison can really be worthwhile here. If offers for garage doors are obtained from several providers, the products must also be comparable!

The cost of the electric drive

The electric drive for the garage door is cheaper than one would initially assume. The systems are available from around 200 euros and then go up to around 500 euros. Of course, there is no upper limit. In addition, the price only refers to the devices themselves. Installation is not yet included. Here, builders should obtain offers from specialist companies. They can then also make recommendations as to which products are convincing in terms of quality and durability.

Tip: As part of the garage configuration, the prices are adjusted depending on the selected elements. In contrast to individual purchases (e.g. for retrofitting), the price for an electric drive can vary upwards or downwards.

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