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Tony Robbins 5-Step Success Formula for Your Business

I recently went to the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event where we spent 4 days learning how to mobilize our inner powers to make our wildest dreams and greatest goals come true.

Even if dancing wildly with 10,500 people, shouting hoarsely, hugging and massaging (!) Is not my thing at all, I still had a few aha moments.

One thing I want to share with you is his Success Formula. To be honest, I was pretty flabbergasted when he shared it with us because the steps weren't new to me. I already do many of them or I also teach high-flyers.

The 5-step formula for success

1. Know your goal and be specific.

Can you really clearly state your goal? At least half of my course participants just mess around when I ask them about their specific goal.

If you don't know your goal or if you are too vague in your description, you will achieve something, but not necessarily what you really want.

Having a big goal will help you make decisions that will pave the way for you. Do you dream of working anywhere and living in the warm south for 3 months or more? Would you then plan a series of seminars that appear financially more lucrative in the short term or would you rather invest in an online course that enables you to achieve your goal in the long term?

Clarity is power. - Tony Robbins

I recommend that you think about what your life should look like before you plan your business or marketing. It helps me to write down my vision of the future and to become so concrete that a film of my future is playing in my mind's eye. You can find the instructions here.

As Tony says so beautifully: Certainty comes from within you, not from your surroundings.

If you see your goal as the irreversible future, you will develop the skills to get there.

2. Know your why.

Why do you have to achieve your goal? Why is it so dear to your heart? If you can answer these questions, your target will gain tremendous traction because it speaks to your emotions.

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Think about it, 100,000 euros in sales is a specific goal. This goal gets more traction if you emotionally charge the abstract number. What can you do with the money Save money, go on vacation, finally buy the car or donate?

In my planning workshops we set goals and link each goal with a why. We write down 5 to 7 motivators for each goal, these are reasons why achieving this goal is so important.

Do the exercise the next time you set goals for yourself, and then regularly read through the goal and its reasons. You will see your motivation goes up and your excuses get quieter.

3. Give everything in the implementation.

Repeat things over and over with full intensity. That sounds exhausting and it is. Success comes from doing the right things over and over again.

Unfortunately, in my industry in particular, big promises are fashionable: 30 customers in 30 days. The strategy with which you can earn 100,000 euros in just 2 weeks ...

As my reader, you know that quick luck only exists in fairy tales. Building a lucrative and sustainable business takes time.

Most people give up because their expectations are way too high.

Regularity is the key to success.

Your business kick

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If you want to make a name for yourself with content, publish articles, videos, or podcasts regularly. Then send your email readers the link to your content.

We can't expect people to perceive us as professionals if we show up every few months. Regular communication shows that you are true to your word and reliable.

However, outstanding quality is just as important. If you want your voice to be heard in the mass of content, your content MUST be better than good.

The more you give, be it quality or frequency of your communication, the faster you will see success.

4. Know your results and keep track of your progress.

You can only improve what you control. That's why people at WeightWatchers stand on the scales at every meeting.

Create a table and record the most important values ​​every week that show whether your business is developing.

What you should definitely measure:

  • Sales by product (consulting packages, online courses, etc.)
  • Cancellation rate (shows how satisfied your customers are)
  • Website visits and references (website visits and where they come from)
  • Email list growth and unsubscribe rate
  • Interaction and growth of your social media profiles (shows you whether your content is working)

I could give you 10 more numbers. Just hold it so that you can keep it up. Here I share my numbers and how you can calculate your online marketing goals backwards.

5. Change things that don't work.

Do you find yourself giving up things quickly when they don't work? Don't worry, you're not alone in this.

Nobody signed up for your webinar. The ad for your lead magnet is not running. Your guest article offers will be ignored.

These are completely normal occurrences when you are new to the market or start online and no one knows you yet. Many of my high-flyers struggle with these challenges and are motivated by my friendly A ... kick to try again.

Allow yourself to fail. Failure takes you forward, giving up in the dead end.

Look at the things you do in your business and marketing as a test. You test what your customers want to hear, whether they like video or text, which webinar is popular and which Facebook ad target group works.

Now to you: Tell me in the comment whether you can start something with these 5 steps or are already doing parts of them.

Become a high-flyer and learn to profitably market your business online.