What is changed after GST

Design of the A1 sheet

All properties belonging to this deposit appear on the A1 sheet, sorted according to their property numbers (GST-NR). If a plot of land belongs to a different cadastral municipality than listed in the head of the land register extract (so-called overland plots), then the number of this cadastral municipality is also given for the plot number.


The entries after the property number (GST-NR) are taken from the cadastre:

The entries in the property tax or border register must be reproduced with the entries in the general ledger. If there is a "G" next to the property number, it means that this property is entered in the border cadastre (this means, among other things, that it is no longer possible to register parts of such properties).

BA (Use)
The types of use entered in the cadastre appear here (e.g. construction area, used for agriculture, garden, forest, alpine pasture, other). In the case of one property, this can also be several (usage sections). For the types of use "other and bodies of water", a more detailed description of the use of the property is given (these types of use do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the actual use of the property in the zoning plan).

If there is an asterisk (*) next to "BA (use)", this means that the area of ​​this property was calculated on the basis of numerical information (coordinates, measurement figures).

The area is given in square meters. The specification of the property and total area is put in brackets and the note "Change of area in preparation" is added as soon as a plan is noted in the land register for a property that could lead to a change in size (e.g. after a division).

One or more property addresses are given here - this information is the basis of the address directory. The address comes from the municipalities and is updated in the property database by the locally responsible land surveying office (→ BEV).

Last update: January 11, 2021

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