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Retention: the ultimate discipline for success in the app business

Tipps for increasing retention

A year ago we gave five tips for increasing retention and engagement of apps that are still up to date. These range from tutorials for onboarding and personalized push notifications to special incentives as triggers for further use. In addition, we recommend the following measures for 2020:

To keep a promise:

As simple and simple as it sounds: Keep your promises to potential users about everything the app can do. Nothing is worse than promising things in an advertisement or in the App Store or Play Store that the app does not adequately or not at all. This leads to disappointed users and the churn rate (bounce rate) will be correspondingly high. Instead, use good usability to quickly guide new users to the core functions of the app, because of which the users downloaded the app.

Content is King:

The old media maker adage that good content is king also applies to the supreme discipline of app retention. In other words, the app will only be well received by users if your app provides consistent content that matches the “app promise”. When asked whether the content is consistent, there are different answers that are relevant depending on the context of use: News apps can score with particularly high topicality (nothing is worse for a user than nothing about a current situation in the app), but also background analyzes or surprising topics. Mobile games should of course be gripping and offer great game levels. In addition to the pure account balance, banking apps should offer added value in terms of content, such as an automatic expenditure analysis. So think about the content with which your app wants to score - then it will also work with retention.

Analyze the usage data of the app:

Even if you can breathe deeply for the first time after you have put a new app in the store or published a new update: Never understand your app as a “finished product”, but rather as a continuous optimization process. Because: after the last app release is before the next update. Analyze the use of the app on the basis of data that you can collect with analytics solutions: When does the user open the app? Which click paths work better, which worse? Which push messages are successful? And if the location of the user is activated: In which places is which content is in demand? If you want to learn something from previous usage data, group your users into different categories, which sometimes go beyond the usual characteristics such as demographics and location, advises Runtastic manager Christinne Cuyugan in a specialist article: “We can through the sensible separation of users Predict their behavior accordingly and therefore have the opportunity to precisely determine the point in time when we should sell them something, ”she writes in it.


Ask your users - but only briefly:

In addition to analyzing existing data from usage, user surveys can also be helpful. But don't overload the user with a catalog of 20 questions - then the willingness to answer dwindles. More promising: keep asking the user one or two questions that relate to the current usage situation of the app, for example: Did this app function just deliver the desired result? Or: Did you find this app function quickly?

Test different measures with regard to retention:

With every major change to the app, but also with smaller measures such as push notifications, it is extremely important to test whether they really work well: "Test before you rest", says Christinne Cuyugan from Runtastic. She therefore advises you to always assume that something will not work. Even if an app function looks good on your own phone, given the device fragmentation in the market, there is no guarantee that the app function will work well on any other phone. External testing is particularly worthwhile because of the fragmentation of the market.

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