Why did I gasp at the bench press


This adult-only story is written by Lupo.

REB got up early that rainy morning. There was still a lot to do until 9:00 a.m. The totally sleepy lazy boy was still basking in his warm bed. REB grabbed PAC's left foot. A brief thickening of her biceps caused a rumble. She had rudely woken the sleeper by simply pulling him out of bed. PAC grinned in his incomparable way, rubbing his eyes. "The fact that you Studies are pretty limp in the morning screams to heaven," moaned REB. She was already in the gym and warmed up with a 100kg bench press. She quickly pushed the light weight for her up again and again. PAC came slowly. He saw his beloved Amazon pump up in concentration. The 100kg barbell moved quietly up and down with a sounding sound. At the lower point of the sequence of movements, the dumbbell touched the breasts, which, bulging, were so beautiful. From the side, PAC saw this powerful beauty. How the latissimus arched into the width of the upper body, then her chest built up muscularly. On top there were these crazy things, nicely rounded. Her nipples were pointing up a little, weren't fully erect yet. REB just pushed the barbell up again almost in slow motion. Her shoulders frayed into hundreds of tiny strands of muscle so that the force was directed into her thickened arms. Your triceps provided the pressure to lift the 100kg. The triceps bulged out firmly, splitting the muscle on the arm wonderfully into two thumb-thick strands. The movement of the pusher set her forearms in a network of muscles and veins. Time and again, it was astonishing for PAC how the chest muscles tightened during this upward movement. The tender young man who was so softly built was an imposing picture. A part of his body wanted to take on the hardness of the muscles of his beautiful Amazon over and over again. Just like now, when his best friend stamped a nice tent in his pants. REB called her lover over and asked her to help with training. PAC knew what was going to happen next. His bar pulsed all the more violently. PAC stood at the head of the pusher bench. It would be normal for him to help REB with her final repetitions and take some weight off her by pulling up the barbell. But REB pressed around 185kg on good days, so that at 100kg such support would not have been necessary. No, PAC did just the opposite. He propped himself up on the barbell and began to push down with all his strength. REB began her second series of bench presses calmly and with concentration. She pushed the 100kg plus the counterforce of her 75kg sweetheart up twelve times. When the dumbbell falls into the shelf with a metal ring, PAC was already on the verge of orgasm. REB straightened up and hugged the PAC now standing in front of her. She pulled the pulsing luck wand closer and closer until it reared up between her breasts, twitching. REB pushed her breasts together with both hands. Surrounded by so much femininity, PAC began to rub. REB played with her things skillfully on his plump manhood. The white stream was already pouring between her breasts. REB always wanted to bring their PAC to a climax that quickly. As her lover licked his effusion from her breasts, REB slowly got going. Her strong hands grabbed him under his buttocks so that she carried him into the kitchen with ease. Her massive arms were caressed so gently by PAC that her desire grew bigger and bigger. She sat on the kitchen table, leaned back and pulled him close. With a jerk she had ripped off her panties. She embraced her lover, who was pushing his way into her pleasure grotto with his best friend, who was ready for action again. Her hard nipples made him thrust harder and harder. They pressed themselves into the tender skin of the young hot spur. The wild Amazon reared up again and again with pleasure, so the exciting effect of her breasts was intensified. She hugged her PAC tightly. Her hands brushed his back. With each push she pulled him closer to her. Her biceps kept popping out to thicken her arms imposingly. He was already there moaning with pleasure, the common climax. Both caressed each other for minutes, lost in thought, enjoying their bodies ...

She had to hurry. Her first day of work at the Sonderkommando began at 9 a.m. Word of their qualities had got around. The commander personally visited her a month ago to offer her this job. It was about the training of special forces for the fight against terrorism. Your specialty should be interrogation techniques. So she was in the gym of the police sports club on time to greet her twelve children for the first training session: "You will see, gentlemen, that the coming units will be beneficial for you." The dozen well-trained chickens took this announcement calmly, each of them having survived several months of drill and polish. Each of them had passed a few selection tests and were physically in top shape. The sporting demands on everyone were grueling in the course of their special training. Only one out of a hundred applicants was able to prevail. The units that were carried out were clearly visible among the men. Not a gram of body fat affected the defined, muscled bodies. Each of them thought that woman up there was just some psycho aunt. Her voluminous muscle mountains could not change this prejudice any more than her pretty figure. One or the other was already imagining a date with her and how he would make it up with her. REB's penetrating, powerful voice rang in her ear: "My name is trainer Schmidt. Any questions?". "No, instructor Schmidt!" thundered the male choir with grinning faces. REB went to the climbing poles. She had four groups of three men each. Everyone had a minute to climb up and down the bar ten meters. Then the next. Which team could hold out the longest, REB promised, would go into the final battle. ... The boys were fully there. The first few rounds they pulled themselves up the bars incredibly quickly. Then, after a quarter of an hour, it was visibly more difficult. Instructor Schmidt made the "washcloth" fire under the buttocks. After just under half an hour, a team of three had won. "I'm competing against the three of you now. Whoever gives up first will regret it!" she ruled the winning team. Her green eyes had that look that bodes ill. She gave the command to start. Incredible how REB climbed the bars. Without using her legs, she pulled herself upwards with her bent arms. The nine spectators could admire the play of their muscles. Her monster arms thickened with every puff. Two strands of irrepressible energy popped out from the side of her back. REB reached the top very quickly. She let go of the bar and fell down the 10m. She caught herself on the floor with her abnormal thighs. She bent her knees slightly, revealing a mountain of muscles strewn with fibers. Her legs were massive and muscular. Woe to him who got caught in a pair of leg scissors. REB waited, mocking loudly, for the other three to begin the next climbing tour. The three men gave all they could muster in strength. After a dozen rounds, the first will fail. He was hanging on the pole, breathing heavily, without coming any further up. "Abort exercise!" REB stood at her climbing pole, a little out of breath. The loser was waved over. The recruit Kautzner was completely exhausted. REB pressed him with her back to the bar and then fixed him to the larynx with her right upper arm. Her hand gripped the climbing pole so she could put pressure on her victim's neck at any time. To the unfortunate loser, this position was humiliating. His ego resisted this domineering Amazon. Kautzner wanted to break free, that was his mistake. REB immediately thickened her biceps, pressing the deplorable neck against the bar. She pounded mercilessly on his solar plexus with her left fist. Her victim wanted to slump, but REB held him up with her 47cm upper arm. Kautzner gasped for air. That was difficult, the pressure on her arm kept increasing. REB's biceps grew to full size. The deep division between the biceps head, which pressed the recruit's head up like an earthen ball, and the thickly formed triceps pulsed with strength. In the meantime she eased the pressure a little to begin her address. Kautzner wanted to free himself again, he interpreted the relief on his neck as weakness. He was wrong about that. Like an anaconda, REB, in turn, thickened her muscular arm. This time that was enough to make him compliant. Fighting for air, he endured the following explanations about shock techniques in self-defense. Kautzner enjoyed the bewitching feminine scent, even if the pressure on his neck made it difficult for him to breathe. He wanted to feel this power, to touch it. Somehow Kautzner was paralyzed. When he touched the choking arm, it flexed briefly and violently. Unbearable pain ran through his body. Unable to breathe, he immediately stopped. Another humiliating saying from this Amazon, then she loosened her arm block. Kautzner sagged, gasping heavily for air. This first lexion was impressive and exciting at the same time for all twelve. "Tomorrow zero nine hundred we'll see you again here, gentlemen!" thundered REB. The recruits hurried out of the gym. In the locker room, they mumbled about their trainer: their size, the immense strength and about sex. Especially KNUT was torn. He's always been a loudmouth and a womanizer. He trusted in his strength, which he liked to show off with his 43cm upper arms. KNUT was curious. What will the trainer look like in the shower, he wondered. The others advised him against his plan, but KNUT wanted to follow his instinct. So he crept into his doom.

He carefully approached the rushing shower. What he saw immediately gave him a veritable stand. A muscular, extremely defined Amazon lathered herself all over her body. Her breasts were great. Nicely built, they had two nipples, which, excited by the warm water jet, protruded a good 1cm. Her hands are lathering her buttocks. Everything that the soapy fingers played around was incredibly crisp and round. KUNT was awesome. He leaned forward even more when it happened. He stumbled over a parked dustpan. "Come closer, you measly little man," REB asked the troublemaker. KNUT was confused. First this formal address and then the offensive "little man". What is this man woman imagining? He thought. I'll show her who this man is. Determined, he approached his instructor. She made no move to cover herself up. REB knew exactly how their bodies affect men. She toyed with the fear that triggers her muscles and with the desire that her plump femininity be reflexively generated in men. "You definitely want to eat me." REB waved him over with a calm voice and seductive smile. "It is best if we both go to the equipment room. You can lay me there." REB whispered. In doing so, she started playing around with his penis. KNUT was blown away. His blood rushed inside him, his heart pounded, and his muscles stuck out. Yes, he wanted this Amazon - now, in a moment. In the equipment room, KNUT laid his Amazon flat on a pile of mats and penetrated her. It's a great feeling to be surrounded by such muscular thighs. She narrowed her pleasure grotto, so he was even hotter. His thrusting became harder and more demanding. KNUT forgot everything around him, surrendering to his urges. It also forgot the violent power of those colossal leg muscles that curled around its waist so nice and warm. He looked into her flashing green eyes and was startled. REB had him trapped. The next moment she hooked her feet and then flexed them briefly. The biting pain caused KNUT to rear up. He was dazed by the passion that was boiling inside him. Now REB began, like a strangler, slowly and incessantly to squeeze her monster legs together. The pain in his lumbar region brought KNUT back to reality. He struggled, hitting the steel cables on her thighs wildly. REB kept pressing. She grabbed her "love opponent" to push him to the side in a headlock. KNUT felt the brawny lats widening. Then they lay side by side. KNUT now had double pain. The anacoda legs continued to squeeze, causing excruciating pain. His breathing was blocked. A marble large arm developed a hard-spreading bicep tip on its neck. This metal ball displaced the softness of his neck and pressed brutally on his carotid artery. KNUT tried to land a few blows on her upper body. Vain. Every blow hit a musculature solidified to bronze, which did not give in a single whit. He was slowly losing his strength. He could no longer scream out the pain caused by the devastating leg scissors. REB had finally fixed him with her headlock. Two or three seconds more and KNUT passed out. He should have wished he had never followed his cock, never snuck into that shower room. It was too late to repent. REB wanted to show him what "special interrogation techniques" mean.

He woke up sitting on the mat, REB snuggled up behind him. A great feeling to feel her erect nipples, if it weren't for the double Nelson. REB pushed his head down violently. KNUT rowed his arms like a beetle lying on its back. The handle worked. His cervical spine overstretched. He screamed like a baby to let her go. How wildly KNUT tried to grab something from this Amazon. Maybe he could use a leg lever? His attempt ended miserably. He couldn't move his muscular leg an inch. His head was pushed down harder. He could still see the crushing power of her legs as they wrap around his waist. Already she yanked her victim backwards until she landed on her back. The thickening of the muscles in her legs made KUT scream even more. This never-ending pain became so unbearable until his next unconsciousness released him. He came to again. This time this beautiful Amazon was sitting on his chest. His head was enveloped in the murderous muscles of her legs. He sensed its end. REB grabbed his head of hair and pulled it up to her pussy. KNUT greedily drew in the scent of this dominatrix. A quick flex of her shekel instinctively moved his tongue. She let herself be pampered using his face as a human dildo. Their sexual greed increased more and more. At the climax, her choke bones prevented her victim from breathing. REB did not squeeze with full force. All too easily she could kill her victim. She wanted to punish this wretch, she wanted to see him suffer and feel pleasure in the process. He was already lying there, disgusted by means of violently choking leg scissors. REB let go of this little man. While he lay there so unconscious, she considered other torture methods. She wanted to test to what extent the lust of this man would triumph over the pain. When KNUT came to, REB had him in a leg lever. She had stuck her left man's foot and, while sitting, trapped it under her thickened right arm. She pressed her thumb murderously against his archilles tendon. REB began to pull up his foot. KNUT felt this pain again, this time not on the neck or hips but on the leg. REB had meanwhile folded her elbow against her body. The biceps and triceps were clearly visible. This composition of violence helped the lever to work. REB increased the pressure on the archilles tendon, the resulting pain was far more severe than with a calf press. Then REB leaned back. KNUT screamed desperately. He couldn't escape this ju-jutsu technique, REB had set the lever perfectly and fixed his knee. When REB straightened up again, her victim whimpered pleadingly to herself. She had him ready. KNUT was ready to do anything, only this pain should stop. REB kept her little man trapped in her leg lock. With her left hand she suddenly started playing KNUT with the eggs. With her index finger she skillfully massaged his hanging, supported from the outside by her thumb and little finger. KNUT experienced pleasant shivers of his feelings. His latte hardened noticeably. He groaned with pleasure, that was a mistake. REB immediately pulled this painful leg lever tighter again. KNUT passed his moaning quickly. His lust raged in him. This blonde mane massaged his best piece on and on to the climax. His penis twitched harder and harder. REB knew how to prevent his cum. With power, KNUT pumped his semen into the vas deferens that REB had pushed off. He wanted to get everything out, it didn't work.For this he was immediately punished for an uncontrolled pleasure sound from his muscle dominatrix. She spoke to him softly: "If you splash all over the mat here, I'll break your miserable stork leg!". KNUT was scared, horny and angry at the same time. He couldn't defend himself against this leg lever. He didn't want to defend himself against the perfect penis massage. Then the inevitable stream of his masculinity, this time hosing down uninhibited. KNUT enjoyed this feeling. It had never been so violent in his life. Only a few seconds later he tried to surprise REB to get free. In a flash he turned and came to lie on his stomach. The muscles of this wonderful Amazon flexed briefly, she had caught him further in the leg lever. His archilles tendon is now up. The foot is still clamped. REB pressed on that sensitive part again. When she leaned back on her back, KNUT cried out his suffering impetuously. He waved his arms. Fixed on my stomach like that, it looked even worse than before. REB showed mercy. She didn't break his foot, but suddenly let go of him. She looked at him threateningly. In the future he would only be deferential to her. For KNUT, all of her wishes were to become orders to be fulfilled without compromise. If he didn't humiliate himself by licking his feet or bowing deeply in her presence, then he would feel the energy of her well-toned, bull-strong muscles. Always at the mercy of his mistress, he was close to death for the slightest mistake. Well - that's another story.