What would the Space Force need

Camouflage in space: US "Space Force" is mocked - but for no reason

With the "Space Force", US President Trump created his own US armed forces for the first time since 1947. In camouflage clothing for earthly environments. That sounds strange - but it isn't.

The unveiling of the uniforms of the new US space force "Space Force" on Friday (local time) caused some ridicule (as is so often the case on social networks), but at the same time demonstrated a good deal of ignorance and prejudice on the part of the mockers.

The Space Force published a photo on Twitter showing the new uniform patches on the chest and upper arm. And that the uniform is otherwise in a conventional green-brown camouflage pattern similar to that of the Army, the Marine Corps and the Air Force. The tweet received many comments - including questions such as: "What's the point of wearing camouflage in space? What's the point of the Space Force?"

A user asked how many trees the Space Force thinks there are in space. Still others made suggestions for better camouflage - for example a black T-shirt with twinkling stars.

The Space Force later stated that using the current Army and Air Force uniforms would save costs on redesign and production. In addition, the armed forces would look like their colleagues, it said.

It's not about "Stormtroopers"

Incidentally, the mockery reveals widespread ignorance about the form and form of deployment of the troops: It is not about bringing soldiers with spacesuits (and maybe laser rifles?) Like imperial stormtroopers on spaceships into space, to the moon or elsewhere, as is done in Star Wars -wise could assume. The - planned - up to around 16,000 employees are there to control and operate satellites of all kinds from the ground, from ships and airplanes, to operate and develop anti-satellite weapons, radars, and electronic reconnaissance systems - it's all about cyber Warfare, coordination of space-related activities of other branches of the armed forces, dissemination of space-based information, etc. And they are largely taken over organizationally by the other branches of the armed forces ("services").

By the way, for decades - and longer than most scoffers are old - the space agendas were primarily with the Air Force, the Air Force Space Command, without anyone joking about it. It is believed that some men and women are trained as astronauts for military use. However, the USA does not currently have any manpowered spaceships, and it has not been for a long time. For flights to the International Space Station ISS, for example, you are still dependent on Russian Soyuz capsules. It will take a few years for the US to have a manned spacecraft system again.

By the way, see this story.

With the Space Force, President Donald Trump created his own armed forces for the first time since 1947 - at that time the US Air Force was formed as a separate unit from the Army Air Force.

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