Are there still girl scouts and brownies

Translation of "Brownie" in German

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small chocolate cake
Brownie's going to stay down here where she belongs.
No darling, Brownie will stay down here where it belongs.
Brownie could make me laugh, man.
Brownie made me laugh.
They knew about the snipers, and they just let them zap Brownie.
They knew about the snipers and cracked them Brownie just go.
Take the inspector down to Brownie.
Good to see you, Brownie.
Chevy and Brownie did not take any harm in the cold.
Chevy and Brownie took no damage in the cold.
My dad didn't come to one of my Brownie meetings.
My father didn't come to one of mine Brownie To meet.
Your father is no born pirate, Brownie.
Your papa is probably not a born pirate, Brownie.
Well there actually was only one choice to be on the safe side Brownie.
Well there was only one choice to be on the safe side, I have to Brownie leave behind.
I decided to take Brownie along, his leg was still swollen a bit but he did not favor it.
I decided, Brownie to take with him, his leg was still slightly swollen, but he didn't spare her.
Mike actually seemed quite uneasy in the situation himself, specially seeing me coming in with Brownie running in lead.
Mike seemed quite uncomfortable about the situation himself, especially when he was me with Brownie saw the lead come in.
What do you hear about Brownie?
OK, Brownie, you get up there with them.
OK, Brownie, hold your shit together.
Impressed by his self-confidence, Brownie gives Chiko the job to distribute ten kilos of grass in ten days.
Impressed by so much self-confidence, there is Brownie Chiko the job: He has to get rid of ten kilos of weed in ten days.
So my leaders Tang and Brownie was too near to the Questtrail and at each team passing they yapped, instead of sleeping.
Also my leaders were Tang and Brownie too close to the quest trail and were yapping at every passing team instead of sleeping.
But it's all perfectly clear to Chiko. Alles Brownie has to do is drop Plaice and let him flog the drugs instead.
For Chiko the matter is clear: Brownie should fall plaice and instead let him sell the drugs.
Brownie - will be shipped in 4-7 days
Brownie - will be sent in 4-7 days
The vegan organic bar mix "Brownie Dough ", with oat flakes and cocoa bean nibs, is rich in plant protein and contains roughage.
The vegan organic bar mix "Brownie Dough "with oatmeal and cocoa nibs is rich in vegetable protein and contains fiber.
I stopped every once in a while to specially check on Brownie and Chevy for frostbite, but the blankets did the trick.
I stopped every now and then to Brownie and check Chevy for frostbite, but the blankets did the job.
If I would not hear from him I'd have to leave Brownie behind.
But if I didn't hear from him, then I had to Brownie leave behind.
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