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The 16th President of the United States

Abraham Lincoln set the course for the development of the USA as an international world power and was one of the most momentous in US history.

  • Abraham Lincoln was the first US President from the Republican Party.
  • He's for them formal abolition of slavery in the United States responsible.
  • At the April 14, 1865 it fell to one Murder attack to the victim.

The White House in Washington D.C. is since November 1, 1800 the Seat ofAmerican President.

Washington D.C. - as 16th President of the United States of America had too Abraham Lincoln in the White house in the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. 20500 his seat. The term of office of the first republican President began on March 4, 1861 and ended on April 15th four years later with one fatalAttack. Abraham Lincoln did it slavery in the Southern states America off, then won the American Civil War and drove the American industrialization Ahead. He set the course for the development of the USA as an international world power. His presidency is one of the most consequential the US history.

Abraham Lincoln: Childhood and Adolescence

Abraham Lincoln was on February 12, 1809 near Hodgenville in the US state Kentucky born. His parents Nancy Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln were farmer from Virginia, his father had East English roots. Abraham had a two year older sister called Sarah and one younger brother called Thomas Jr., who died shortly after birth. In year 1816 the Lincoln family moved to the state Indiana. Shortly afterwards, Abraham's mother died and his father married Sarah Bush Johnston, a widowed woman with three children.

The Indiana of 19th century bordered directly on the then still unexplored wilderness at. The Lincoln's introduced humble life, everyday life was characterized by hard work on the farm. There were hardly any opportunities for school education, AbrahamLincoln brought himself Read Write and Calculate independently at. This was particularly supported by his stepmother. The later one fell at a young age US President through extraordinary Literacy and rhetorical talent on.

Abraham Lincoln: Early Political and Legal Career

In year 1831 pulled Abraham Lincoln from the parental home and was then as Clerk, surveyor and Postman active. Just one year later he was running for his first political office. This candidacy was unsuccessful in years 1834 however, he ran again and received one for the first time Seat inHouse of Representatives. Soon after, he became the Finance Committee Spokesman elected. Overall was Lincoln four legislative terms as Parliamentarians active and advocated the improvement of the School system and the Infrastructure a. In year 1837 he positioned himself publicly for the first time against the slavery and voted for their abolition in the Northern states.

In addition to his work in houses of Parliament suited Abraham Lincoln comprehensive legal knowledge at. In year 1836 he received that Admitted to the bar and soon opened their own with a colleague Legal practice. Just like his political education led the boy Lincoln also his legal educationautodidactic, so independent by.

Abraham Lincoln: Starting a Family

Also in the year 1842 got married Abraham LincolnMary Todd, the daughter of a rich man Slaveholder family out Kentucky. The connection was due to Todd's family political differences sharply criticized, a close relative on her part later fought American Civil War even on the side of the Confederate, which against Lincoln as president directed. Nonetheless, the marriage lasted until the Lincoln's assassination in year 1865. Lincoln and Todd had four children together:

  • Robert Todd Lincoln (1843 – 1926)
  • Edward Baker Lincoln (1846-1850)
  • William Wallace Lincoln (1850-1862)
  • Thomas Lincoln (1853--1871)

Except for Robert died all childrenbefore they could even reach adulthood. Robert Todd Lincoln was legal and politically active and later held the office of US-Minister of War.

Abraham Lincoln: Slavery in America

Since 17th century was the Keeping of slaves in America common. The most of northern industrialized countries managed this in 19th century little by little that more rural southern states however, continued to use Slave labor firmly. The economy in the south America relied mainly on the cultivation of Plantation plants how Tobacco, cotton, or Sugar canewhat makes the use of slaves scary profitable made. The opposing economic models the Northern and Southern states led again and again to the admission of new states Conflicts.

Abraham Lincoln: Origin of the Republican Party

In year 1846 has been Abraham Lincoln again in that Illinois Parliament chosen where he opposed the War policy of the incumbent President James K. Polk and against the slavery began. The subject of slavery then took on ever greater importance in his Career a.

In year 1854 dissolved the United States Whigs Party, their Chairman Abraham Lincoln had been on, and a first offshoot of the Republican Party. This consisted of former Whigs and Slavery opponents from the ranks of the Democrats. The Democratic Party prevailed at that time For the slavery a. The eternal struggle between Opponents and advocates of slavery to the majority in the senate also caused Lincoln to found its own branch of the Republican Party. This occurred on February 22, 1856 in force.

Abraham Lincoln becomes president

In the 1850s Years ago Abraham Lincoln twice against the DemocratsStephen A. Douglas for a candidacy in US Senate at. Despite losing both elections, he made a reputation for being rhetorical gifted speakerwho both Northern as well as southern states could pull on his side. in the north he therefore emphasized the equality of all people, inclusive slaveswhile he's in south promised that the slavery though completed but black people should not be given the same rights as white people.

In year 1860 kicked Abraham Lincoln finally as Republican presidential candidate. At first he was considered an outsider, but quickly made it to the top. At the November 6, 1860 he became the 16. Presidentof the United States of America elected.

Abraham Lincoln: The American Civil War

Before the inauguration Abraham Lincoln's kicked some of the Southern states out protest against that Election result from the union the United States out. The eleven states joined an independent confederacy together to get the politics To evade Lincoln's. The decisive factor here was primarily the fear that Lincoln would also die in the southern states slaveryto forbid. Lincoln did not accept the withdrawal of the southern states from the union and it came to war.

The American Civil War started in April 1861 with the Attack on Fort Sumter on the part of the Confederate and ended four years later with the Surrender of the southern states and yours Reintegration in the Union. The disputes were too much 600,000 deaths and changed the United States of America fundamental. As a result of abolition of slavery by Abraham Lincoln had to economy in the Southern states completely rebuilt become. The United States from then on developed into Industrial nation and to the World powerthat they still are today.

Further Info to the American Civil War is there in that YouTube video of the knowledge channel MrWissen2Go history:

Abraham Lincoln: The Liberation of Slaves

The Legislative Decree to abolition of slavery occurred during the Civil war in force. At the September 22, 1862 signed Abraham Lincoln the Emancipation proclamation and thus explained everyone slaves in the confederate states as free people. On member states of the union the bill had no effect - but it still provides one milestone in the fight against the slavery and freed countless people from captivity.

Abraham Lincoln: The Fatal Assassination

In the year 1864, also before the end of the War, won Abraham Lincoln a second time the Presidential election. Neither the new election for Presidents and that successful ending however, he was able to enjoy the civil war for a long time. At the April 14, 1865, just days after the end of the war, Abraham Lincoln was at the theater by John Wilkes Booth, an actor, per Headshotmurdered. Booth was a fanatic pendant the Southern ideology and wanted to allegedly with the murder revenge for the War losses to take.