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Here you can find out everything about the nest, the insect nests, the bird nests and bird nests. Which bird doesn't build a nest or which bird builds round nests? Meaning: The nest is the breeding ground for the birds, and the place for the rearing of the young. In mammals, the nest, also known as the burrow, is the nursery in which, for example, young foxes grow up. In insects, the nest is where the insect larvae are raised. The nest provides security, security, warmth and social contacts, for example. What the nest is to birds, the apartment or house is to humans. There are floating nests, tree nests, nests on buildings and nests underground or in the ground. Now a few pictures of nests.

Appearance of bird nests

Images for determining nests - bird nests, wasp nest

Identify nests - recognize bird nests

You have seen a nest and now you want to know which bird built the nest. Here you will definitely find the nest what you are looking for. What do nests look like? I will show you many pictures of different bird nests to look at. Here you can also see the difference between large and small nests. Now look at the next pictures of nests. Under each picture is the name of the bird that built the nest.
If you want to know when the breeding season of the individual birds is, then take a look at my bird profiles. There you will find all breeding seasons, such as songbirds, corvids, birds of prey, owls and seagulls.

Identify pictures for nests - recognize bird nests

Special nests - bird nests

Now to the special features of nest building. If someone tells you that birds build nests out of stones, do you think so? Definitely not! But it's true. Some birds build their nests from small pebbles. They scratch a hollow on the ground and put small stones in it until it does not press during incubation. If the stones are larger, they are rotated or exchanged until the trough is perfect for breeding. What kinds of birds build their nests out of stones and shells? There are e.g. avocets, stilts, terns and plovers.

Pictures of special nests - bird nests made of stones and shells

As you have now seen in the pictures, there are actually nests made of stones. And which bird builds its nest out of clay and sand? The swallows build their nests out of clay, sand and saliva. To know which swallow sits in which nest, look at the entrance. Swallows build different nests. Now a couple of swallow nests. More under:

Pictures of bird nests made of clay, sand and saliva

They always say owls don't build nests, that's not entirely true. Eagle owls (largest owls) build or scratch their nests on the ground, and I will show you what such an Uhunest looks like. There is a hollow on the floor. Peregrine falcons also breed in such nests / hollows on the ground. More about eagle owl builds its nest on the ground below:

Picture of the Uhunest on the floor

Where do birds build nests

I'll show you where birds build their nests everywhere. You won't believe it if I didn't show you the pictures. The fact that the kingfisher, sand martin, puffin or bee-eater breed underground is nothing new. But the fact that seagulls build their nests in wheelbarrows, under the bicycle stand, on scaffolding pipes, on a telephone booth or in the track bed, that is something new. Birds adapt faster than humans to changes in their habitat. Now a few special pictures of nest locations. More under:

Special features: Nest location - seagull nests in Hamburg

Floating nests

Which birds build floating nests? Moorhen, coot and divers (great crested grebe, black-necked grebe, little grebe) build floating nests. What they look like, plus some pictures.

Image of floating nests of water birds

What birds don't build nests

The cuckoo does not build a nest, as do many owls, falcons and alken birds. In the picture you can see how the guillemots lay their eggs on the bare ground.

What birds do not build nests - alken birds, owls, falcons, cuckoos

Nest building of the birds

Now to the nest building birds. Many species of birds build their nests together. With some birds, nest building is a man's job and the female chooses the best nest. The females usually choose the location for nest building. Breeding safety plays a major role in this. Most birds build their nests together. As you can see in the next pictures. To build the nests, thin twigs are mostly broken off fresh from the tree, to be observed, e.g. with magpies, sea eagles and crows. The nests are padded with e.g. wet earth, grass, moss, leaves and rubbish.
Now a few pictures of nest building birds.

Pictures of nest building birds - thin branches, earth, mud, moss

Frequently asked questions about the nest

Do birds use their old nests? Yes. When do songbirds build their nests? In the spring. What time of the year do birds build their nests? In the spring. Do birds build hanging nests? Yes - e.g. ball nests, which bird builds the smallest nest and which bird builds the largest nest. The answer: the hummingbird builds the smallest nest and the white-tailed eagle, vulture and stork build the largest nest. Which bird builds its nest out of moss, grass and leaves? Titmouse, wren and many other songbirds. Who builds their nest under bridges and around the house? Pigeons. Who builds his nest on the roof or under the roof. Oystercatchers, seagulls, ducks, geese and the stork build their nests on the roof in the city and in the village. Swifts and sparrows, for example, build their nests under the roof. Which bird builds its nest on the ground? Pheasants, chicken birds, seagulls, lapwing, plover and many more. More under:

Image of the nest on the roof - white stork

Birds in strange nests

Now I show you that the birds that built the nest do not always breed in the nest. I will now show you pictures on which you can see that an Egyptian goose is breeding in the buzzard's nest / nest of the buzzard, an eagle owl is nesting in the hawk's nest or a peregrine falcon is nesting in the common raven nest. Long-eared owls also breed in magpies' nests or crow's nests. The peregrine falcon also breeds in the sea eagle's nest or in the osprey nest.

Pictures of strange birds in the strange bird's nest

Images of bird nests - tree nests

Pictures of nests - bird nests - bird nest - wasp nest

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Observations, photographs, bird pictures and author: Gerhard Brodowski Hamburg