How are life insurance premiums calculated

Livestock Insurance - Aid for the payment of insurance premiums


  • Livestock insurance associations according to the state law of October 18, 2016, No. 21, Art. 14, Paragraph 1
  • Consortia according to Article 11 of Legl.D. No. 102/2004
  • Insurance agencies and insurance brokers
  • Agricultural communities according to the state law of 7 January 1959, No. 2
  • agricultural entrepreneurs

Insurable claims

Insurance cover for cattle, horses, sheep, goats and pigs against loss of livestock due to illness or accidents, as a result of animal diseases or pest infestation or as a result of adverse weather conditions comparable to natural disasters or otherwise.


Loss contribution up to 50% of the permitted expenses for the payment of insurance premiums.

Allowable Spending

Insurance premiums that refer to a maximum insured value of EUR 2,000 per cattle or horse, EUR 400 per sheep, goat or pig and EUR 800 per breeding boar are eligible for funding.

The insurance period may not exceed 12 months.

Forms and attachments

  1. Calculation of premiums

  2. Estimation register

  3. Premium calculation bonus malus

  4. Leaflet - Insurance premiums

  5. Estimation table for cattle and horses

  6. Damage report

  7. General Assembly - Minutes Template

  8. Expense reimbursement - accounting template

  9. Table ACI 2019

  10. statute

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