How do price comparison sites compare data

Statistics on the subject of product comparison on the Internet

Published by Statista Research Department on Jan 9, 2020
Almost 71 percent of those questioned in a Statista survey stated that they always research the Internet first when planning major purchases. In addition, around 57 percent of the people questioned in this survey considered customer reviews on the Internet to be very helpful when making an online purchase. The most popular sources for online ratings among men include Amazon or other sales portals, product tests by online editorial offices or online rating portals. According to a Statista survey, 35 percent of the online shoppers surveyed compare significantly more products when they shop in an online shop instead of a physical store. As part of a survey by idealo, 37 percent of the online shoppers surveyed said that they always compare prices when shopping online, 41 percent of those surveyed did this frequently. The use of online comparison portals is particularly popular among those aged 25 to 34: In this age group, a total of 64 percent of those surveyed stated that they use such portals at least sometimes.

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