What is the inner power symbol

Power symbol

NAAL - Inner peace, serenity

Element air




  • security
  • come to rest
  • Grief work
  • Relief from stress and burn-out
  • Trust in life


Consciousness formula:

The upward turning contemplation in the self.

Drawing the time seal:

Start at the bottom left.


The effect on the matrix:


The NAAL symbol lets you relax.
When you feel driven, when you feel like you are not up to the challenges of your life, this symbol will bring you back to yourself. If you feel burned out, you can regain your strength in the quiet of your own center.
This symbol helps you to process experiences that make you sad. New courage to face life and a new trust in life are the gift that NAAL has in store for you.

Draw the symbol with your open hand and say the consciousness formula of the symbol three times.


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