How should startups do marketing

Valuable marketing tips for startups

Start-ups convince with innovative business models and ideas that usually differ from traditional companies. However, since they are fairly new to the market, they need to take smart steps to get more exposure, drive more traffic to their websites, and increase their profile. Marketing is the vehicle that can help you achieve these goals. With the following marketing tips you can win new customers and strengthen the loyalty to existing customers.

Who do you want to reach?

Before you start convincing potential customers of your products or services, you need a strategy. You should therefore plan your measures in a targeted and structured manner in order to successfully acquire customers. To do this, first define a target group, because your marketing strategy also depends on it. Who needs your products? What problems can this solve for your target group? What are your desired customers interested in?

Please note:

  • Age
  • gender
  • Consumer behavior
  • needs and wishes

Accordingly, you can decide, for example, which content is interesting for your target group, on which channels it will be played and at what time it is worthwhile to publish a post. This is how you design tailor-made marketing for your potential customers and reach them despite the amount of information that appears on the net every day.

This is how you make your start-up known and acquire new customers

There are various marketing measures that you can use to make your company known and win new customers. These do not always have to be cost-intensive; small steps are often enough to advance your start-up.

Increase your awareness through search engine advertising

Use search engines for your advertising. Here you can place ads with which you can reach your target group and draw their attention to your start-up. This increases the recognition value and creates additional trust. Other options for placing online advertising and thus convincing potential customers of your start-up are social ads, advertising banners or advertisements in forums and industry-relevant magazines.

Increase your visibility through search engine optimization

With your website you should not only pay attention to an appealing design according to the corporate design, visibility for search engines like Google is also crucial. So that your start-up appears as high as possible in the search results and thus brings more traffic to your site, you should optimize it.

You should therefore ensure:

  • A meaningful and clear page structure
  • Fast loading times and a responsive presentation
  • Talking URLs
  • Backlinks
  • HTTPS encryption
  • High quality, unique content with added value
  • Relevant keywords
  • Etc.

These and other measures increase the visibility of your website, make your start-up better known and thus attract potential buyers to your site.

Give your company a face with social media

Social media channels offer the perfect platform to make your start-up more approachable. Introduce your company to the community, provide insights into everyday start-up life and let your employees have their say. In this way, potential customers can identify with your brand, as they find out who is behind it. In addition to written contributions, you can also use videos and pictures to create sympathy for the company and thus an incentive to buy. In addition, social networks offer the opportunity to establish personal contact.

Position yourself as an expert

Attract attention and buyers by creating a unique selling proposition. This can of course also be done using unusual product ideas - but it is even better to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Write technical articles, white papers and e-books for this purpose, which you distribute through well-thought-out seeding via social media channels, newsletters or in scientific forums and online magazines. This may even give you the opportunity to speak as an expert at conferences or industry events and thus make further contacts.

Strengthen customer loyalty with marketing

Even if the acquisition of new customers is very important, the customers must also be retained in the long term. High quality standards and good service are good arguments, but you can also strengthen customer loyalty with sensible marketing campaigns. It is crucial to stay in memory with various actions and to seek regular contact with regular customers. This is the only way to create trust and a renewed willingness to buy.

Discount promotions: With loyalty points, discounts or even exclusive rights, start-ups can express their appreciation for existing customers. Create emotional closeness and show how important your customers' loyalty is to you. This will encourage regular customers to make further purchases.

Say thank you: Thank your customers for their persistence not only with discount campaigns, but also with unusual promotional gifts, because, as is well known, small gifts maintain friendship. Whether for an occasion or in between - bring your start-up back to mind and show your appreciation. Make sure that your branded promotional items stand out from those of the competition so that they can be used for as long as possible. Therefore, they should have the following properties in order to leave a positive impression in the long term:

  • Unique
  • Useful
  • Individually
  • Reusable
  • Sensible

Fixed contact person: So that you can build trust with your regular customers, you should establish permanent contact persons. They also know the needs of your customers best and strengthen customer loyalty through regular contact by email or telephone.

Email Marketing: E-mail marketing is also a measure that you can use to contact your existing customers on a regular basis. E-mail advertising with new customers is not allowed without consent, you should pay attention to the legal basis. However, if you are already in contact, you can inform your customers about news in your industry, recently published whitepapers from your start-up or new products in the form of a newsletter.

Conclusion: Strategic planning leads to success

Which of the marketing measures you choose as a start-up is up to you. With the help of structured planning, you can cleverly set up your marketing strategy. A combination of everything makes sense in order to increase the awareness of your company as effectively as possible, to generate more attention, to increase the traffic of your website and thereby to win further customers. However, always note that not only new customers should play a role, but also existing customers require your attention.

Author: Bettina Weiss
Published on May 4, 2020

Tags: marketing, start-up, tips, company