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There are many different ways to get inspired. These sources of inspiration can accompany our lives, in the form of music, art, in nature, but above all through certain people or their works, whether in text form, in the spoken word, in videos or photographs. I personally like to be guided by certain wisdoms in life. Inspirational quotes from people in whose words or works we recognize ourselves can give us answers to questions that we are either consciously or unconsciously looking for. And then they are there, in black and white, and trigger this “aha” moment in us, which ensures clarity and clarity. Today I would like to share some of my favorite quotes with you, which have helped me tremendously in certain phases of life, my inner truth to recognize and maybe there is one that can help you especially!

12 inspirational quotes that can change your life


Over time

The first quote that really blew my mind and steered my life in a new direction was this one from Seneca, which you may have heard before. There is so much truth in it, because it is often said that we have so little time. But what is little time? Even to a mayfly, life can certainly seem like an eternity if it isn't actually living its life. This quote expresses that life wants to be lived and that it is not the quantity, i.e. the amount of our lifetime that counts, but the quality, that is HOW we live our lives. So whether we just exist or really live. This saying has actually graced my back since I was 19.


Also just say "no"

I can't tell you who this saying comes from, but it has definitely become a motto in my life. If there is something that you are doing in your life right now that you are not really convinced of, something that negatively affects you or just eats up your time, then consider whether it is not about time, this thing to let go! Do the things that excite you and say 'no' to the things that don't. This saves you a lot of time and nerves and clears your life of negative energies.


Face fears

There have been several moments in my life when I was, either proverbially or literally, standing on the edge of a cliff, considering whether or not to jump. And even if it scared me incredibly, I usually dared to jump into the deep end. To be afraid is perfectly normal, the only question is, how to deal with herwhether you approach it consciously or run away from it. I've learned that in moments of big decisions or before you want to tackle something really big, that moment of uncertainty and fear just before you jump is the worst - but as soon as you jump off, your wings spread and you learn to fly. (By the way, the tattoo in the picture is also a small reminder of these moments ..)


Happiness can only be found in us

We often believe that external circumstances - the job, a new car or house, a partner or other things outside can make us happy. Unfortunately, I had to find out over and over again that this is not the case. Even traveling cannot make you happy in the long run, even if people like to say so. As much as it would make life easier for us: happiness and everything else we look for in life can be only found in us by learning to be happy, content, and at peace with ourselves and in the moment. And this state is far more difficult to achieve than any brief feeling of happiness. Here is the relevant blog post.


Grow outside of your comfort zone

We like to stay in a certain situation far too long in our lives, simply because it is comfortable - the situation does not require rethinking, we do not have to do much and we also do not have to take responsibility for our own life or happiness. Maybe this situation makes us unhappy, or maybe it just makes us stagnate and prevents us from growing. But if we consciously leave our comfort zones again and again, even challenge ourselves to do so, again and again to try something new, we start to grow immensely and get to know ourselves better. You can find the appropriate blog post on the subject here.


Slipping out of the role of victim

Many of us see ourselves constantly as victims of our circumstances. Parents are to blame for not being able to maintain a healthy relationship, the employer who makes life difficult for you, the teachers who blamed you for being unable to do anything, society, politics and so on. If this sounds familiar to you, i.e. you are constantly looking for the reasons for your unhappiness or dissatisfaction in others, you will find reasons to be dissatisfied forever and ever if you do not start to rethink. After all, it is very easy to dismiss the guilt and complain instead of taking matters into your own hands. By slipping out of this victim role and realizing that we alone are responsible for our lives and start to work on ourselves, instead of wanting to change others, we lay the foundation for a self-determined, responsible and content life in the first place.


Questioning the conventions

You surely know the well-known answer to the “why” question: “Because we've always done it that way.” Personally, I couldn't stand this answer even at school, because this was usually the answer you got when the Teacher didn't know a better answer. We are also often told, especially in our childhood and youth, that we cannot do this or that, that we dream too big or that our ideas are unrealistic. No matter what it's about do not be satisfied with these statements or answersbecause just because someone claims these things are true doesn't mean they really are. So - question everything and find out the answers for yourself! There is also a detailed post about this.


Dream big!

This quote somehow goes hand in hand with the previous one. If you have a dream, don't let yourself be talked out of having it can achieve! We are usually able to do much more than the rest of us believe! So allow yourself to dream big, visualize your new reality by first forming the thoughts in your mind, then you begin to firmly believe that your dream can become a reality and then come into action. You can also read in this article how to let your thoughts become your reality and how to implement goals.


Life happens to us

If you have read my book, "Life happens to you: Around the world with cystic fibrosis and a backpack", you will know exactly what I mean. This quote from one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho, is one that reflects a great insight in my life. Namely, that if we really want something in life and firmly believe that it will come true, the universe (or God, or whatever you may call this entity) suddenly us Doors open and the Way to our goal in a magical way. It's hard to explain, but I've seen it several times and I'm always amazed at how things work out the way they do. Take a look and see for yourself. By the way, I can recommend the “Alchemists” by Paulo Coelho **, but also my book, which you can order here. *


Everything is impermanent

This is my personal, greatest learning that I was able to draw from my time at my Vipassana silent retreat in Colombia, namely that everything in life is transient. Every pain, every joy, every suffering, every feeling of happiness. Learning this leads to realizing what is happening in the here and now learns to appreciate, but also that you have to learn not to hold onto these things (or people, moments, etc.), but to savor them in the now and for them grateful to be, but also to let her go when the time comes. Closely connected with this is the realization that the suffering or pain also pass and that there is no point in holding on to them and despairing of them, since they are fleeting anyway. If we don't cling to the negative things and chew these things through in our minds a thousand times more, they'll go away in no time.


Live in the moment

This is one thing that I personally find the hardest to this day and with which I struggle again and again: To live in the here and now. That means: Not lingering with thoughts in the future, worrying about what is coming in recurring thoughts or indulging in hopes and dreams. And also not getting stuck with thoughts in the past and certain things to go through again and again, but really to live in the here and now. You can find more on this topic in this blog post.


Limits are only in our thoughts

Another quote, the meaning of which is closely linked to the questioning of conventions. In this case, it is important to change your own mindset and question your own beliefs. Through different instances or people in the course of our life, certain beliefs develop in us, things that we are firmly subconsciously convinced of that they are correct, e.g. that we are not good enough or that certain things are not possible in life. The limits that we often see and where we like to say: “That doesn't work because ...” basically only exist in our heads. If we really want something, we find creative solutions to suit ourselves to rise above these limits. (This is exactly what the eBook course I am currently working on is supposed to be about: "Traveling with Illness: Push Your Limits!" - You can find out more about it here.)


I hope that these quotes and food for thought could help you a bit in your search for an answer to a current question in your life or that you could just take a little inspiration and motivation with you! And above all: That you liked the blog post! Feel free to give me your feedback in the comments:

What are your favorite quotes that may have helped you discover certain truths in life? Which writers, speakers, or other people inspire you again and again?


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