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When hoarseness cuts your voice - 7 home remedies for hoarseness

The throat feels dry, rough and inflamed, every word hurts and you can only communicate with a croak. When viruses spread again in the cold season, the neck and vocal cords often suffer as well. That's why we have 7 tried and tested home remedies for hoarseness that will give you your voice back.

Hoarseness is a common ailment during the cold season. This is due to inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, in the throat, vocal cord or larynx area. Hoarseness is extremely uncomfortable because it makes talking - our everyday and simplest form of communication - a strenuous ordeal.

1. Talking is silver - silence is golden - clearing your throat is forbidden

Hold back from talking. Talking strains the already inflamed neck area (especially the vocal cords) and ensures that the inflammation cannot improve. Therefore you should communicate quietly now: through sign language, a piece of paper on which to write your words or simply enjoy the silence.

And even if you feel the need to clear your throat often during the day: suppress it, because clearing your throat irritates the vocal cords even more. The same goes for speaking or whispering in a low voice. Save your voice as best you can.

2. Drink a lot - preferably lukewarm

Even if swallowing is already painful, you should drink as much as possible, preferably lukewarm - neither cold nor hot. Water moisturizes the dry throat, and chamomile tea can help reduce inflammation.

Tried and tested home remedies for hoarseness are medicinal plants with mucilage: marshmallow root, coltsfoot or ribwort. You can get the plants as tea in health food stores.

3. Homemade honey and elderberry syrup

A tried and tested home remedy for coughs and hoarseness is honey and elderberry syrup. Take 200 ml elderberry juice, 300 ml organic honey and heat both in a saucepan. Important: The brew must not boil, but only heated to around 40 degrees, then the healthy ingredients are retained.

After it has cooled down, it is best to keep the honey-elderberry syrup tightly closed in the refrigerator. If you have acute hoarseness, let a teaspoon of honey and elderberry syrup dissolve on your tongue every three hours.

4. Neck wrap

A neck wrap can work wonders! To do this, spread out a damp, lukewarm cloth and apply a finger-wide layer of quark (room temperature) to the cloth. Wrap the quark cloth in a second cloth to make an elongated tube, press the quark tube gently against your neck and leave the compress on your neck for a few hours (or overnight).

Another old home remedy for hoarseness is onion wraps. For this, three onions are heated in the oven, then peeled and cut. Spread the small pieces like the quark in a damp cloth and beat the onion wrap in a second cloth. Wear the wrap until it no longer radiates heat. But be careful: a quark wrap is a lot more odorless than an onion wrap ...

5. Inhale instead of gargling

The home remedy “gargle with sage or chamomile” is a well-intentioned tip, but unfortunately it hardly works in the case of hoarseness. Because when you gargle, only the oral cavity is rinsed, unfortunately the irritated vocal cords cannot be reached with it.

Inhalation helps here. The fine droplets penetrate much further into our airways and can moisten our mucous membranes up to the bronchi. Get chamomile flowers from the pharmacy and inhale for about 20 to 30 minutes a day. It is up to you whether you use a professional inhaler or prefer the classic variant with a saucepan and kitchen towel.

6. Humidity in the rooms

Since dry room air is counterproductive in the case of hoarseness, you should make sure that there is healthy humidity in your rooms. To do this, place a bowl of water on the heater to stimulate air evaporation. You can also add a few drops of essential oils (for example tea tree oil) to the water. This not only ensures moist air, but also a pleasant scent.

7. Fresh air and exercise

Even if going to the front door sometimes takes a lot of effort in the cold season: A short walk in the fresh, cold air is a tried and tested home remedy for hoarseness. Because the movement and the oxygen stimulate the metabolism, strengthen the immune system and supply the dried out neck area with moisture.

There are numerous proven home remedies for hoarseness. It is best, however, not to let hoarseness arise in the first place. To do this, you should arm yourself and your immune system against the cold season.

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