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As a rule, people use a coffee machine with which the standard drinks can be prepared. The fully automatic coffee machine, for example, is very popular here. Recently, however, normal coffee is no longer one of the drinks that should only be drunk. Over time, too the cappuccino can make a name. It consists of equal parts espresso and milk foam and therefore tastes pleasantly mild. No wonder, that especially young people like to grab a cappuccino. With a cappuccino machine, you get one Espresso machine, with which you can not only make espresso, but also froth milk. The cappuccino machine test shows you what to look for when buying!

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The cappuccino machine in detail

With a cappuccino machine with or without a grinder, you get - as the name suggests - a coffee machine that focuses on the milk foam. There are a number of manufacturers in the shop who have dedicated themselves to these machines. However, it may well be that the manufacturers sell their coffee machines under the name of one Espresso machine with milk frother to sell.

As soon as you have a milk frother in your accessories, you can also prepare a cappuccino. For this reason, you should pay close attention to which of the cappuccino machines Functions are included.

Make the cappuccino machine comparison in the shop and read the Cappuccino machine tests thoroughly. The experiences, ratings and recommendations of other customers often help so that you don't buy a rotten egg. If you want to prepare a cappuccino, this is the place for you Milk is probably the most important additional product.

The types of machines

Basically, a cappuccino machine is similar to one normal espresso machine. You can buy an espresso machine as well as a cappuccino machine in the shop - both machines serve the same purpose. However, it is important that you use the normal espresso machine a milk frother to get. This can external or internal be attached. The cappuccino machines are available in many, such as black, red or white.

With an internal milk frother, the milk is poured into a container inside. You can then select the functions on the machine and the machine is already working. The disadvantage of this, however, is that the milk cannot be stored for long here. It is not refrigerated and can spoil after a few days. It looks different with the external milk frothers out.

Here the manufacturers use a system in which a Tube in the milk carton is placed. The milk is then drawn from the container into the machine and then processed further. When the process is finished, you can take the hose out of the package and use the Put the milk carton back in the refrigerator - a practical matter.

There are some differences in the design of the machines themselves. The following list should give you an understanding of what these are.

  • The cappuccino machine: This is one classic fully automatic coffee machines, where you only have to press a button and then the machine ensures that you receive the coffee or cappuccino. This cappuccino machine is popular as a Coffee and cappuccino machine sold and often seen in offices or other public facilities. Such a coffee and cappuccino machine is only worthwhile in the household if you should drink a lot of coffee or cappuccino. If you wish, you can also buy small cappuccino machines cheaply, which cost little money.
  • The portafilter machine: A portafilter machine is primarily there to make you espresso. During the espresso, then determines all parameters itselfso that you get a handmade espresso. Mix it with frothed milk and you get a wonderful cappuccino. A portafilter machine is a machine that primarily intended for professionals For this reason it is also used very often in gastronomy.
  • The capsule machine: If you only like to drink a cappuccino occasionally, you should take a look at the capsule machines. Inside the capsules are all the ingredients for a cappuccino. You need to the capsules only ininsert the machine, press a button and wait a little while. The machine is particularly useful when you want to drink a cappuccino on the fly.

The differences in milk drinks

If you have a cappuccino machine with a milk frother, then you can do more than just that a cappuccino prepare. Such a machine can also be used to prepare white coffee or a latte macchiato. But what are the differences? First and foremost, a cappuccino is an espresso that is filled with milk in equal parts. The taste is still very intense.

If you have a Milk coffee If you want to prepare, then you should use a filter coffee and pour it in equal parts with milk. Basically, the milk coffee works like a cappuccino, only that you use filter coffee instead of espresso.
At a latte macchiato but then it looks different.

Tip! Here the espresso is used as the basis, but then more milk is added to the cup or glass than is available. This means that the latte macchiato has a very mild taste.

The brands of cappuccino machines

Cappuccino machines are nothing more than an espresso machine with a milk frother. For this reason there are numerous manufacturers who dedicate themselves to these products.

The cappuccino machines from the manufacturer DeLonghi are particularly interesting and inexpensive. DeLonghi offers small and large machines for one or more cups. Besides DeLonghi there is also Nespresso machineswhich are also considered to be cappuccino machines. But there are also high-quality cappuccino machines from Krups.

companyPhilips GmbHDeLonghiSeverin Elektrogeräte GmbH
founding year189119021892
  • has one of the world's largest research institutions
  • internationally active
  • high quality Nespresso machines from Italy
  • various espresso machines in the range
  • strict quality assurance
  • Spare parts shop

Other brands of cappuccino machines

  • Tchibo
  • Severin
  • Breville
  • Philips

Advantages and disadvantages of the cappuccino machine

  • Espresso machine with milk frother
  • Cappuccino is made with espresso and milk
  • intended for gastronomy and your own household
  • cheap to buy
  • mainly intended for making cappuccino

Compare cappuccino machine offers and buy the cappuccino machine

In the cappuccino machine test report you can see that the cappuccino machine is a special form of the espresso machine. Experience has shown that this is a good one Milk frother especially important, since only with him the milk for one aromatic cappuccino can be done. Once you have bought such an inexpensive machine, you can also use the machine to prepare a normal espresso or a mild latte macchiato. Ordering in the online shop is child's play and, above all, can be done conveniently from home. Simply select the desired cappuccino machine after a price comparison, determine the payment and shipping method and click on order.

Also watch out for special promotions in the online shops. Often, cappuccino models, sometimes also the test winners, are offered at very cheap prices at certain times. So you can always find real bargains.

Summary of this post

What are the best product recommendations for "cappuccino machines"?

At the moment we recommend the following models for "Cappuccino Machine" at or choose them as test winners based on popularity:

  • Number 1. with us:DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.B, very good
  • Number 2. with us:La Pavoni 862432987 Espresso machine Stradivari SPH, very good
  • Number 3. with us:Lelit PL 42 EM, very good
  • Number 4. with us:Krups EA826E, very good
  • Number 5. with us:ECM Classica II, very good
  • Number 6. with us:La Pavoni Professional-Lusso, very good
  • Number 7. with us:DeLonghi ECOV 311.GR, good
  • Number 8. with us:Smeg CMS6451X, very good
  • Number 9. with us:La Pavoni Europiccola Lusso with wooden handles, very good
  • Number 10. with us:Lelit PL41PLUS, very good

What manufacturer or brand do we recommend?

Our experts recommend the following brands: DeLonghi, La Pavoni, Lelit, Krups, ECM, Smeg, Gastroback, Gaggia, Melitta, Severin, FrancisFrancis !, Rosenstein & Sons, Bosch, Rancilio.

How expensive are the products shown here?

For the category of cappuccino machines we have found prices of 1-88 euros. The average at is therefore 336 euros. In our price comparison you will find further online shops with prices and availability.

What other sources are there on the subject of "cappuccino machines"?

Our experts recommend the following brands: DeLonghi, La Pavoni, Lelit, Krups, ECM, Smeg, Gastroback, Gaggia, Melitta, Severin, FrancisFrancis !, Rosenstein & Sons, Bosch, Rancilio.

Best 15 cappuccino machines in the test or comparison from 2021

In the Cappuccino Machine Table 2021 we show you the top 15 from our test.

Test or comparison to cappuccino machine
IllustrationProduct namecategoryStarspriceTest or comparison
DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.BE.g. fully automatic espresso machine, espresso machine with grinder, cappuccino machine4.5 stars (very good)
approx. € 289“Details
La Pavoni 862432987 Espresso machine Stradivari SPHe.g. cappuccino machine, gastro espresso machine, hand lever machine4.5 stars (very good)
approx. € 1,149“Details
Lelit PL 42 EME.g. Latte Macchiato machine, Italian espresso machine, retro espresso machine4.5 stars (very good)
approx. € 439“Details
Krups EA826EE.g. espresso machine with grinder, fully automatic espresso machine, cappuccino machine4.5 stars (very good)
approx. 550 €“Details
ECM Classica IIE.g. portafilter, gastro espresso machine, cappuccino machine5 stars (very good)
approx. € 1,199“Details
La Pavoni Professional-LussoCappuccino machine, hand lever machine, Italian espresso machine4.5 stars (very good)
approx. 810 €“Details
DeLonghi ECOV 311.GRE.g. pad machine, latte macchiato machine, cappuccino machine4 stars (good)
approx. € 167“Details
Smeg CMS6451XE.g. espresso machine with grinder, latte macchiato machine, built-in espresso machine5 stars (very good)
approx. € 2,195“Details
La Pavoni Europiccola Lusso with wooden handlesCappuccino machine, hand lever machine, Italian espresso machine4.5 stars (very good)
approx. € 740“Details
Lelit PL41PLUSE.g. portafilter, retro espresso machine, latte macchiato machine4.5 stars (very good)
approx. € 526“Details
DeLonghi EC 680.R DedicaE.g. portafilter, cappuccino machine, latte macchiato machine4 stars (good)
approx. 620 €“Details
Gastroback 42606 Design Espresso PlusE.g. portafilter, cappuccino machine, latte macchiato machine4.5 stars (very good)
approx. € 163“Details
Gaggia RI9403 / 11E.g. portafilter, latte macchiato machine, small espresso machine4 stars (good)
approx. € 587“Details
Lelit PL 41 EME.g. latte macchiato machine, pad machine, retro espresso machine4 stars (good)
approx. € 349“Details
Melitta E 970-101 Caffeo CIE.g. gastro espresso machine, espresso machine with grinder, fully automatic espresso machine4.5 stars (very good)
approx. 690 €“Details
(Date of survey: May 24, 2021)

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