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“Can you live on a travel blog?”. As a full-time travel blogger, I've heard this question many, many times. I have collected the 13 most frequently asked questions that I still get asked in 2019. Here are my answers about the travel blogger job, earning money, traveling the world and the most beautiful travel destinations.

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Full-time travel blogger? My job is unusual and always arouses great interest.

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13 Travel Blogger Questions & Answers

1) Is travel blogger your real job?

Yes, that is him.

During my travels, I take notes for the articles, take photos, film and post on social media.

After the trip, I write the blog posts, select photos and edit them. I distribute the published article via social media and answer comments on it.

Many run their travel blog alongside their full-time or part-time job. Others are like me self-employed as a full-time travel blogger.

2) As a travel blogger, do you need specific training?


Many successful travel bloggers are (former) journalists, PR or social media consultants.

But everyone has the opportunity to blog. Most - like me - use it for this

Many are natural talents and are particularly good at writing, taking photos or making videos. Others train these skills.

I got over this Stations to travel blogger:

  • Studies: German Studies, Politics & Art History
  • freelance journalist for daily newspapers and radio
  • PR consultant at a large agency
  • Press spokeswoman for two food companies
  • Blogger Relations Consultant
  • 1 year trip around the world, meanwhile I have seen around 60 countries

3) Can you make a living from a travel blog?

Yes, you can.

Of course, it depends on your standard of living and where you live. Here in Germany - especially in the big cities - the costs are high. It's difficult to live on a travel blog alone.

What also costs: the many trips and theTravel blogger equipment.

Some travel bloggers live and work in beautiful places like Bali or Thailand. The costs are significantly lower there.

It also takes time to become interesting for cooperation partners through reach or a worthwhile niche topic or to earn money with affiliate links (recommendation links).

I founded my travel blog in 2012, and after around two years I've made a lot of money with it.

In 2019 it is one of the top 10 German-language travel blogs. I have up to 140,000 readers per month and over 65,000 social media followers. Here you can find my media data.

I have received a number of awards. I was also a travel blogger on television, radio, magazines and newspapers.

Some, like me, live entirely from their travel blog. But these are very few of the estimated 3,000 travel bloggers in German-speaking countries.

I earn my money through:

  • Affiliate links (marked recommendation links): If you book or buy something through it, I receive a small commission, the price remains the same for you. You can find an example here:
    Marrakech tips (Morocco): 7 sights & 1 warning
  • Paid blogger trips - always marked as “advertising”. All articles on this blog are based on either self-financed and self-organized travel or paid travel. Here you come to a cooperation:
    City trip Aalborg (Denmark): fjord, Vikings and singing trees
  • Advertising on blog & social media, also always marked as “advertisement”. I am very grateful for long-term or multiple cooperation partners such as Targobank, the insurance provider Dr-Walter or Zalando for travel outfits and hand luggage. They make it possible for me to provide free information for you readers on blog and social media.
  • Content creation, e.g. B. Create content for destination or company blogs. This can be blog articles with photos, for example.

I like it very much that the alarm clock almost never goes off. In Mönchengladbach I live with my friend Carsten and our dog Buddy, work in the home office and otherwise travel around four months a year.

4) How else can you make money on a blog?

There are several options, including:

  • Sell ​​photos and videos
  • Write books and e-books
  • Courses
  • Travel products
  • Contributions for classic media

5) How many times a year do you travel as a travel blogger?

I travel an average of four months a year.

Actually, I am always looking for cheap connections, and I also get inspiration from other travel blogs (here is the list of50 best travel blogs), Instagram (here my Top 15 Instagram Spots) and Pinterest. Always with me when traveling is mineTravel blogger equipment.

Do you already know mine17 Long-haul flight tips & tricks? Or mine Packing lists?

Packing list city trip
Summer vacation packing list
Packing list for long-distance travel
Packing list vacation with dog

The rest of the time I work from Home office in Mönchengladbach off, that's near Düsseldorf and has 260,000 inhabitants - with Carsten, Buddy and friends around me.

6) How did you come up with the blog name “Travel on Toast”?

I wanted a name with travel and food - but a lot was already taken. This name occurred to me in the shower, the URL was still free. It means: traveling based on good food.

By the way, I'm now a vegetarian, which works very well. I renamed my project “sugar-free” “less sweet”.

7) How can you afford all the travel?

For my 1 year trip around the worldwith 14 countries I have saved for a long time.

I set clear priorities: I spend my money on travel, technology such as cameras, etc., and food. But I don't have a condominium, a classic car or expensive branded clothing. Yes, one Vanand onedog - both devour a lot of money.

So all in all, I'll do it like most of you:

  • earn money
  • save up
  • book the trip with the money. I always try to get the most for my money. Cheap connections are nice, but they also have to be convenient. I love great hotels. They are much cheaper in Bangkok than in Sydney. I sometimes book tours on site, otherwise I use the locals' means of transport and eat where they eat.

8) What is your favorite travel destination?

Difficult question ... It's like having to name a favorite dish, but the selection is so large and a lot of it tastes delicious.

In general, I usually travel to where the weather is pleasant, there is the sea and good food.

My favorite travel destinations in Europe: Greece, France, Lisbon, London and Cologne.

My favorites for long-distance travel: New York, Thailand, Bali, Singapore and Australia.

A few Articles on travel favorites:

  • Cologne is my German heart city, I lived in the cathedral city for twelve years. Here you can find mine Cologne insider tips.
  • Greece: My No. 1 travel destination in Europe, because it has it all - beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, white buildings with blue elements, nice residents, lots of cats and delicious food. The Island hopping Greece I can only recommend you! So far I have the Cyclades Islands Santorini, Milos, Naxos, Paros (my darling) and Mykonos (I didn't really like) seen.
  • France: That was my first travel destination as a child. I like the way of life, the food and straight South France very.
  • Portugal: relaxed people,Lisbonas a favorite city and great food
  • Travel blog Thailand: It is the long-haul destination that I have visited most often so far. Just the culture, the nice people and the great food ...
  • Singapore I really liked it with its crazy architecture, diverse culture and delicious food.
  • Travel blog Australia: I've been here four times. I love my heart city Melbourne, Sydney or the grandiose one Great Ocean Road. Here you will find seven highlights at theEast coast of Australia.

9) Where did you not like it?

Since I do thorough research before every trip, I usually like all the travel destinations - sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. Only with Vietnam did I not really warm up on my second visit.

10) What was your best travel experience?

There are some:

11) What was your worst travel experience?

After too many margaritas, my larger tour group forgot me in the forest at night in Tulum (Mexico). Then I had to ride my bike back alone in the dark - not nice!

Here you can find mine Bankruptcies, bad luck & mishaps while traveling - and what I learned from it.

12) What 5 things can you not do without when traveling?

Here you can find my packing lists:

Packing list city trip
Summer vacation packing list
Packing list for long-distance travel
Packing list vacation with dog

13) As a travel blogger, what do you wish for in the future?

I would like to experience many more beautiful trips. Alone like on my trip around the world, I no longer like to travel, but prefer to travel with my boyfriend and our dog or girlfriend.

In addition to other unforgettable experiences, I would like to continue spending time with my loved ones. And in the very distant future a house with a garden for Buddy.

Do you have any questions for me as a travel blogger?

Cover photo of me in the south of France: Photographer Melanie Zanin

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