Germinating seeds in the fruit

Suggestions for good students (or higher grades)

Problem: Why don't seeds germinate in fruits?

Hypothesis 1: Seeds need oxygen to germinate. Not enough oxygen is getting into the fruit.

attempt : Cut the fruit open so that oxygen can reach the seeds.


Hypothesis 2: The seeds of the melons or tomatoes cannot germinate at all.

attempt : Sow the seeds on damp filter paper or cotton wool.


Hypothesis 3: The pulp contains an anti-sprouting substance.

attempt : Sowing cress or mustard seeds on cotton wool that has been soaked with fruit juice from melon or tomato (possibly also in varying degrees of dilution).


Fig. 1:
Isolated melon seeds
(after 6 days)

Fig. 2:
Melon seeds with pulp
(after 6 days)

Fig. 3:
Melon seeds in fruit juice
(after 6 days)

Image source: ZPG Biologie



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