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YouTube: Overview of data consumption for videos and music

If you stream a lot of YouTube videos on the go, you should keep an eye on your data usage. Since a lot of data is downloaded during video streaming, you may quickly reach the limit of your mobile data volume.

We'll show you how much data volume streaming video via YouTube uses and how you can save data.

That's how much data volume YouTube consumes

The data consumption depends on the selected streaming quality. The sharper the image should appear on your mobile phone display, the more the data volume will be strained. The following guide values ​​show you the data consumption for the YouTube app:

If you watch videos in the highest quality for an hour, you chase almost 2 GB of your data volume through the line. For the advertising before and during the video transmission as well as the menus, video search and the loading of thumbnails, additional data must of course be downloaded. For this reason, the above values ​​are guide values ​​and not exact information.

Tip: With the StreamOn option from Telekom, you can use many services such as YouTube without consuming any data volume. With a paid YouTube premium subscription, you can also download videos via WiFi so that you can watch the content on the go without using any further data.

Since no picture but only sound is transmitted when streaming music, the data consumption with YouTube Music is not quite as high. Here, too, the value depends on the quality set:

YouTube: reduce data consumption

You set the quality directly in the video window. If you want to watch videos as long as possible on the go, you should reduce the playback quality. Due to the smaller amount of data, your video usually starts faster. In addition, there are fewer connection drops when you are in areas with poor network coverage. With us you will find tips and apps with which you can control your monthly data consumption.

If you keep reaching the limit of your limited data volume, we will show you various tariff offers with unlimited data volume. If you still have an existing contract and a dual SIM mobile phone, you can top up the available data with a SIM-only tariff.