What is meant by phrase


First and foremost is one phrase a statement or phrase that is denoted as meaningless or worn-out in the derogatory sense. The general title of formulations as is no longer very common phrase, since this is then understood to be predominantly derogatory.
In the context of linguistics, a phrase also mean a certain part of a sentence, which consists of several words that obviously belong together.
Analogous to its use in linguistics, is a phrase in the arts of music a coherent, melodic, rhythmic unit that occurs in a larger musical structure.

phrase“Comes from the Latin word phrasis can be translated to “pronounce”, “display” or “say”.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[ˈFʁaːzə]

Usage examples

It is only irritating that in the “Traumhotel Brazil” there are unmotivated beauties in thongs running through the picture, possibly because the Austrian director Otto Retzer once started his career with sex films. The wooden dialogues, which are also indifferently recited by those actors who could actually do better, can easily be heard as a spectator, because it will phrase at phrase lined up and no cliché left out.
- Jens Bergmann, everything will be fine, brand eins 06/2012.

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