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1 million Facebook fans - TALLY WEiJL breaks the 1 million fan mark on Facebook

Paris (OTS) - The international fashion label will reach 1 million Facebook fans in the next two weeks. Today, TALLY WEiJL is one of those fashion labels whose Facebook platform is gaining unbelievably large fan growth and popularity. To celebrate this further milestone, TALLY WEiJL is launching a competition for its fans in which the winner and her three best friends can win a totally TALLY all-inclusive trip to Paris. The competition will be online from Friday July 20th, 2012.

Within four years, the company has succeeded in building an interactive Facebook page with a million fans. New posts are published several times a day throughout the week. The online journey began in December 2008 when the TALLY WEiJL Facebook community was founded. The main goal is still to communicate with fans from the perspective of best friend "Tally". "Building such a large online community in just four years is a huge success and gives us the opportunity to be even closer to our fans," explains Nicolai Diamant, spokesman for TALLY WEiJL. Nowadays, social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Co. play an important role in spreading the TALLY WEiJL lifestyle and they also bring the stores to the fans online.

The first million Facebook fans are only celebrated once, so the company has launched a competition starting this Friday to find the "One in a Million Fan". "This huge community makes us proud and the time has come to thank our fans," says Diamant. The TALLY girls can upload their own picture to a specially created "tab". The picture with the most likes wins a totally TALLY all-inclusive trip to Paris for the winner and her three best friends.

The appearance in social networks, which is controlled by a large team, has not gone unnoticed. TALLY WEiJL was voted one of the six most influential Swiss brands in social networks by the Swiss business magazine BILANZ and the brand even came fourth in the latest social media ranking from Renteria.ch. In a record week, TALLY WEiJL's Facebook statistics recorded an unbelievable increase of 17,000 new fans, while the most popular posts achieved an increase of 5,000 likes each.

In addition to Facebook, TALLY WEiJL runs its own fashion blog "A Girl Like Me". Five girls from different fashion capitals around the world blog about fashion, lifestyle and much more. The activities on Facebook and on the blog are also supported by social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram.

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