How would you defeat Batman

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Riddler's cell is where it all started. But where is Riddler hiding?

Intensive treatment

Riddler card

You can find the card in the secure entrance. This is on the lowest elevator level, where there is access to Killer Croc's hideout. Opposite the access door is an office. The card is on a desk.
Riddler puzzle

1. Don't cut yourself on this SHARP portrait.
This is the first puzzle the Riddler gives you. In the intensive care lobby, where you can find Frank Bole's body, there is a picture of Director Sharp on the right.
2. A puzzle has many sides, but only a few are visible.
Go to the guard house in the middle and activate the detective mode. On the right hand side, if you look towards Frank Boles' body, you will find the upper part of a question mark on the window. The point is on the opposite wall a little further to the right. Position yourself so that it turns out to be a question mark and analyze it.

Only if you stand correctly in the guardhouse will the point appear under the question mark.
3. You don't know anything about Gotham, Jack. Be prepared for something when you find out ...
If you walk from the intensive care lobby into the supply corridor, you will find yourself in a changing room. There you analyze the radio.
4. Hook up to the relatives before you are taken away from here.
If you leave the intensive care lobby through the left door, you will end up in the cell block transfer. There you will find Aaron Cash's office on the left. Deactivates the laser barrier and analyzes the family photo on the desk.
5. D. Jonathan Crane wants to add depth to fear.
To the right of the destroyed elevator, above the second elevator that Scarecrow uses to escape underground, is a ventilation shaft. Jump on the elevator and enter the ventilation shaft. Keep to the right and you will get to Scarecrow's hiding place. Analyze the Batman Fan Wall.
6. A top hat and tails are the only dress code for this party in the north.
In the transfer loop you will find a half-closed door. Crouch down and enter the room. On the right you will find a penguin poster on the wall. Analyze the poster.
7. Where would you find my home?
In the holding cell, where it all began, Riddler's cell is recognizable by the many question marks on the walls. Analyze the question marks.
8. Even I was shocked to see the way Maxi Zeus was treated!
When you stand in front of the monitors in the patient immobilization chamber - where you switched off Victor Zsasz for the first time - there is a brittle wall on the right. Destroy them and you will end up in Maxi Zeus' former cell. Analyze the cell.
Joker teeth

Bits 1-3
After the joker has fled and you have defeated the opponents, the joker deactivates an energy barrier. You will find an office on the right. There are the teeth.
Bit 4
Probably the first bit that you see in the game. It's on the first corner next to the dead guard.
Bit 5
You will find the next set of teeth where you fought your first fight after Joker's escape in the settlement corridor.
Bits 6-8
can be found in the corridor in front of the detoxification room.
Bits 9-11
can be found in the detox room. One at the control box of the ventilation and two more at the exit to the processing corridor.
Bit 12
can be found directly at the other exit of the detoxification chamber in the transfer loop by the door with the label HA HA.
Bit 13
can be found in front of the door in the transfer loop, where you fought with the heart-sick titan mutant.
Bit 14-16
can be found in the transfer loop, in front of the elevators, at the reception desk.
Bit 17
can be found at the top of the elevator shaft, right in front of the energy barrier.
Bit 18-20
can be found at the feet of Frank Bole's corpse.

part 1
can be found in the lobby of the intensive treatment in the guard house on the left on a desk.
Volume 2
can be found in the office in the secure entrance by the elevators.
Volume 3
can be found in the office in the secure access by the elevators at the top.
Volume 4
can be found in the detoxification room, in the room that is closed with a barrier.
Volume 5
If you leave the intensive care lobby through the left door, you will end up in the transfer cell block. Behind the barrier of the second door on the right, you will find a tape.
Arkham Chronicles

Stone 1
You cannot overlook this stone. You will come across it directly when you climb the elevator shaft.

Stone 2
You can also find the second stone in the elevator shaft. Halfway you have to climb over a barred pipe and bend down immediately. A shaft branches off to the left in the middle of the pipes, under which you are just bent over. Behind the ventilation cover you will find two brittle walls. The right wall hides the stone.
Stone 3
In the transfer loop in front of the decontamination room you will find a door with HAHA graffiti. When you stand in front of it, look to the right and you will find an edited picture of the prison director. Above that is a ventilation shaft. You will find the last stone up there.

The arrow marks the goal: the ventilation shaft is very well hidden and not immediately noticeable.
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