Why is jazz music so complicated

Jazz meeting place Berlin : How the complicated is fascinating

There is a very short joke: “Two jazz musicians walk past a pub.” The stereotype: No jazz musician walks past a pub. You are depressed. You have to get drunk. “Jazz is an international musical language”, contradicts the saxophone teacher Christof Griese (56). “It doesn't matter whether in Africa, Asia or South America - I find people everywhere with whom I can play this music”.
The 29th jazz meeting will take place next weekend on the premises of the ufaFabrik, and everyone has the opportunity to convince themselves that this style of music cannot be pigeonholed. Standards mixed with the participants' own compositions. In addition to the young jazz musicians, there will also be a few special guests, such as Nikolaus Neuser, who has also performed with Seeed, or Ulf Drechsel, who broadcasts jazz sounds on cultural radio.
The youngsters have the prospect of various sponsorship prizes, for example a recording session in a professional studio. At the same time, the state competition of "Jugend jazzt" takes place, which this year evaluates the jazz combo category. One of the participants is Niko Zeidler (18) from Berlin. He also plays the saxophone and looks completely different from Griese. "Fat, chill and nice", one of these words can be found in almost every sentence. Nevertheless, he is just as enthusiastic about jazz as the teacher, who is almost 30 years older than him. He is particularly looking forward to the many gigs he plays and the new musicians he will meet. "When the drummer goes to the right cymbal, the bass starts to walk and it grooves, then there is just a lot of energy, then it's really tight, the coolest thing there is!" He says.

The ufa site seems to be the perfect place for this: spacious and green as it is, it offers a large space for creative exchange. The age, the views, the origin of the participants do not play a role here, because it is all about what they have in common: music!
“While politics and society think about what 'multicultural' is all the time, we jazz musicians have always been practicing it - peacefully," says Christof Griese. Still, the music is complicated, of course, but this is exactly the challenge so many young musicians take on at the weekend to show us how well that complicated thing can work and fascinate.

Where? ufaFabrik, Viktoriastraße 10-18, Tempelhof
When? October 11th and 12th
How much? 7, reduced 5 euros

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