What are the most bizarre deaths

10 strange deaths in history.

Everyone has to die sometime. In the course of history, however, there have always been deaths that are special - especially bizarre, macabre or brutal. Here are 10 curious ways to end life, found by Viralnova in nearly 2,500 years of human history.

1.) Cause of death: turtle

According to legend, the Greek poet Aeschylus died of a turtle that an eagle dropped on him. According to this, the bird mistook the poet's bald head for a stone and wanted to smash the shell of its prey on it. But in the end only the clever head is shattered.

Wikipedia - I, Sailko

2.) Cause of death: funnel and poker

The English King Edward II was brutally murdered in 1327. In order not to leave any traces, they opened his anus with a kind of funnel and burned the innards with a glowing poker.


3.) Cause of death: beard

Hans Staininger, the mayor of the Austrian city of Braunau, was just unlucky. He had a two-meter long beard, for which he was famous (and which can still be seen in museums today). When a fire broke out on September 28, 1567, in his panic he forgot to stow his beard in his breast pocket as usual. He tripped over the face ornament and broke his neck in the process.

Wikipedia - Markus Metz

4.) Cause of death: feast

Adolf Friedrich, the King of Sweden, literally ate himself to death. In 1771 he is said to have eaten 14 portions of dessert in addition to lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring and champagne. The consequence: stroke from whipped cream.


5. Cause of death: provide evidence

The American lawyer Clement Vallandigham wanted to prove his client's innocence. He was charged with shooting someone in a bar fight. With a precise re-enactment of the scene on site, Vallandigham wanted to prove that the dead man could have shot himself by accident. So he took what he thought was unloaded, positioned himself, and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately there was a bullet in the gun and the lawyer shot himself. After all, his client was immediately acquitted.


6. Cause of death: death on television

Gareth Jones was a young British actor. On November 30, 1958, he played in a television game in the series "Armchair Theater", which was broadcast live. In the middle of the play, he stumbled on the set and fell. The other actors went on and improvised. Only after the end of the play did they find out that their colleague had died of a heart attack. The role he played would have met the same fate a little later, according to the script.


7. Cause of death: robot

On January 25, 1979, the first official murder by a robot occurred. Robert Williams was a worker at Ford's auto plants in Michigan, United States. While he was doing his job that day, he was accidentally beaten to death by the arm of a factory robot. The family later received $ 10 million in compensation for pain and suffering because the incident was related to security deficiencies.


8. Cause of death: Unbreakable glass

A lawyer in Toronto, Canada made a big mistake when he tried to demonstrate in a high-rise building in 1993 that the windows were absolutely unbreakable. He threw himself against a window in the Toronto Dominion Center, believing nothing could happen to him. The glass was actually not broken - but fell out of its socket. The lawyer fell 24 floors to his death.

Wikipedia - Skeezix1000

9. Cause of death: a competition

The 28-year-old Jennifer Strange died in 2007 as a result of a radio contest. An American radio station ran a competition called "Hold Your Wee for a Wii". Participants should drink as much as possible. Whoever had to go to the bathroom last, could win a game console. Jennifer was pretty good - despite all warnings, she drank over 7 liters of water. It was still not enough, she was only second - and found dead that same afternoon. The reason: water poisoning. What sounds like a joke is bitter serious, because too much water in the body is absolutely harmful.


10. Cause of death: cockroaches

And finally, another competition: Edward Archibold from Florida wanted to win a snake. To do this, he took part in a cockroach eating contest in 2012. You don't know whether he would have gotten a strangler, but he suffocated anyway - on the cockroaches!


Some of it borders on black humor, other stories are pretty sad. But they are always unique. Share this special history excursion.