What touches your soul films or music


Screenplay & Director: Niki Caro - 2002


The culture, the entire belief and the current situation of the Maori could hardly have been better represented than in this touching film. It is the story of a girl who follows her destiny and seems to shake the traditions of her people and at the same time confirm them. In a whole new way. It changes a place, it changes a belief. And she follows her inner voice. Powerful images accompany this wonderful journey into the world of the New Zealand natives and pull the viewer right into another life ...


The piano

Written & Directed by Jane Campion - 1993


The west coast of what is now Auckland is the setting for this film, which is a hymn to music and love. Embedded in the wilderness of New Zealand's nature, it also illuminates the history of the English settlement of this foreign country. With traditions that do not really fit into this foreign land, but which are adhered to "at all costs". The English sexual morality of the time is particularly aptly presented here, with all its absurdities and fears. The film leaves its mark. He touched me so deeply with his incredible nature shots that part of my heart will always be in New Zealand ... and piano music accompanies my life.

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