What was the very first email address

Dispute among technology freakswho Has the e-mail invented?

In 1978, Shiva Ayyadurai invented email at the age of 14. Says Shiva Ayyadurai. And that's the starting point for a rather strange argument.

Wikipedia knows best, of course: Ray Tomlinson sent the first electronic letter in 1971 and has been the inventor of mail ever since. But now the Indian Shiva Ayyadurai is also firmly convinced that he invented the mail. In 1978, he was just 14 years old. This point of view would not be dramatic if Ayyadurai did not mess with the Techdirt blog.

The Techdirt people believe that Ray Tomlinson is the first and only inventor of email. And the blog has been fighting the claim that Shiva Ayyadurai is the inventor for years now. The computer scientist no longer wants to sit back and has brought a 15 million dollar defamation lawsuit against Techdirt. With such a fat sum, that can quickly mean the end for the blogger.

"The legal dispute is very dangerous for Techdirt, because the computer scientist Shiva Ayyadurai has good experience in libel suits."
Andreas Noll, DRadio Knowledge

Techdirt isn't the first page Shiva Ayyadurai messes with. A year ago he had attacked the IT portal Gizmodo because they called him a liar and a fraud. The portal then went bankrupt because of a different story, but in a settlement the computer scientist was awarded $ 750,000. "Nonetheless, Techdirt wants to fight to the bitter end," reports DRadio knowledge reporter Andreas Noll, "even if the side goes under financially."

"In our view, this is not a contest over who invented email. It is a contest whether our legal system silences independent publications for publishing opinions that public figures do not like."
Techdirt founder Mike Masnick

The professional world actually agrees that Ayyadurai is by no means one of the fathers of e-mail. Nevertheless: Shiva Ayydurai always manages to bring the story to the public as the "inventor of email". And one of his former teachers, the linguist Noam Chomsky, has already publicly confirmed that his student invented the email However, Ayyadurai only made its claim decades after the alleged invention.