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The salaries in German professional football: That's how much professionals earn in Germany

The German professional clubs keep making a secret of the salaries of their stars, probably also for reasons of envy. Nevertheless, numbers are mentioned again and again. Here you will find information on salaries in the German professional leagues, the top earners and the average salary of the Bundesliga clubs.

What is the average salary of the Bundesliga clubs?

There is a large discrepancy in salaries in the Bundesliga. While FC Bayern Munich brings new stars to the club every year in order to remain internationally competitive, FC Ingolstadt and Darmstadt 98, for example, bake much smaller rolls. Both clubs were also planning a relegation to the second division, at the end of the 2016/17 season both teams were relegated. By doing a good job in the financial sector, the clubs do not get into financial hardship despite the relegation.

Due to these different approaches and the large differences in the total turnover of the clubs, there are also large differences in the average salaries. This is how a professional earns at FC Bayern, according to the magazine Sports intelligence 5.28 million euros on average. This means that the Munich-based company is the absolute front runner. Ingolstadt and Darmstadt are at the bottom of the ranking with an average of 0.42 and 0.38 million euros, respectively.

The average salaries of the Bundesliga clubs (as of January 2017)

societyAverage salary
FC Bayern Munich5.28 million euros
Borussia Dortmund2.54 million euros
FC Schalke 042.24 million euros
VfL Wolfsburg2.16 million euros
Bayer Leverkusen1.79 million euros
Borussia Monchengladbach1.24 million euros
Hamburger SV1.13 million euros
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim1.03 million euros
Hertha BSC1.00 million euros
RB Leipzig0.96 million euros
SV Werder Bremen0.78 million euros
1. FC Cologne0.78 million euros
Eintracht Frankfurt0.76 million euros
1. FSV Mainz 05EUR 0.64 million
FC AugsburgEUR 0.57 million
Sc freiburg0.42 million euros
FC Ingolstadt0.42 million euros
SV Darmstadt 98EUR 0.38 million

These figures result in an average of 1.34 million euros per football professional in the Bundesliga. This results in an average monthly salary of around 111,000 euros.

Who is the top earner in the Bundesliga?

FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund pay the highest average salaries, so it is not surprising that the top earners in German football also play at these two clubs. Philipp Lahm is said to have earned around 13.5 million euros gross with his last contract with the record champions. That would not make him the top earner in the German upper house, but the industry croesus also comes from FC Bayern. Whether it is Thomas Müller or Robert Lewandowski cannot be said exactly due to the clubs' secrecy. It is believed, however, that Lewandowski caught up with Thomas Müller when he extended his contract in spring 2017.

The five best paid Bundesliga professionals:

Surnamesocietyrumored annual salary
Thomas MüllerFC Bayern Munich15.0 million euros
Robert LewandowskiFC Bayern Munich15.0 million euros
Manuel NeuerFC Bayern Munich15.0 million euros
Franck RiberyFC Bayern Munich12.0 million euros
Jerome BoatengFC Bayern Munich11.5 million euros

What is the average salary in the 2nd division?

Opinions are divided when it comes to the average salary in the second division. Only one thing is clear: the budget is significantly smaller, the income from advertising, sponsorship or TV contracts in the lower house is not nearly as high as in the Bundesliga. Anyway, the numbers vary. For example, the site reports from a salary structure between seven and around 20,000 euros per month (annual salary: 84,000 to 240,000 euros). The page speaks of an average annual salary of 450,000 euros. As in the Bundesliga, there is a clear gap. Promotion-oriented teams pay significantly more in terms of a possible promotion than teams that are only concerned with relegation.

What is the average salary in the 3rd division?

How determined, the average annual salary in the 3rd division is 116,000 euros. 13 out of 20 clubs could be assigned corresponding values. The clear gap to the second division can be explained by the lack of television income. However, from the 2017/18 season, all games of the 3rd division will be shown on TV again, which could increase income and probably salaries.

The average salaries in a league comparison:

leagueNumber of clubsrumored annual average salary
Bundesliga181.34 million euros
2nd Bundesliga18450,000 euros
3rd league20116,000 euros