Which invasive species do you like

The pathways of invasive species are to be identified

Call for observation of the neophytes and comment on the action plan

Already in 2017, the LBV called on the neobiota to keep an eye on. EU neophyte list

Through the BfN action plan there is now the chance one opinion submit.

The draft of the action plan provides, for example, to sensitize animal keepers to the topic of invasive species during their training and to provide more information on how to prevent invasive species from escaping from zoo. Citizens can also help prevent the unintentional introduction of invasive species. B. after a trip abroad, clothes and luggage are cleaned; this applies in particular to the cleaning of equipment that is required for diving or climbing, for example. Travelers should be made aware of this important topic in cooperation with tourism associations. Anglers should also be encouraged to clean their fishing accessories and boats regularly. The correct use of live bait should also be educated in order to prevent an invasive species from being used as live bait.

But not just private individuals are affected by the measures, including z. B. the construction industry or operators of botanical gardens and tree nurseries The action plan and the measures contained therein are intended to raise awareness accordingly.

The draft of the action plan is available for download at www.bmu.de/DL2518. The public can comment on the draft action plan in writing or by email until November 16, 2020.