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How do I get money quickly? Legal and alive - 8 ways

Walter White did it. He has amassed many millions of dollars in a very short time. More money than he could spend under normal circumstances. However, he had two serious problems. The only way Walter got the gravel was illegal, and worse still, he died trying to make his fortune. Anyone who knows "Breaking Bad" is familiar with this exciting story. Exciting, daring and deadly. But how does it look in the "Real" World out? Can you legally get urgently needed money quickly? How do I get money quickly?

It won't be millions of euros, but with my contribution today I would like to introduce you to my current methods of how you can get cash quickly, legally and lively. I have already described similar thoughts in the article "I need money - 10 legal tips to get out of debt". Time for a 2017 update, right?

Why is my money not enough?

When someone needs to get money quickly, there are two reasons. On the one hand, there are invoices and liabilities waiting, which do not grant any further delay. Alternatively, the money is needed to create something, to build a business. In the first case in particular, you should ask yourself how the shortage of money came about.

This is often a result of long-term excessive spending of money, more expenses than income. It should be clear to you that the quick money will only help in the short term if you don't change your consumption and your attitude to money. Please take the time to think about how it came about that the numbers on the bank statement are red. You will find out that too much money is spent or too little is earned. To get yourself on the right track, I recommend reading the following articles:

There are many ways to get quick euros. Nevertheless, I would like to avoid that you tread insecure paths that make you criminal or insolvent. For this reason, take the following basic rule seriously. Whenever someone offers you unsolicited money that promises very quick money, then hands off. I am thinking of various advertisements in the free weekly magazines or advertising emails. "Quick loan without Schufa" so I read advertisements very often. If there is a shortage of money, take action yourself to legally free yourself from this situation. No second Walter White please. (smile)

1. Sell something

There are actually supposed to be people who owe 20,000 euros and in return have valuables with a multiple of their value. Negative interest is paid diligently on these liabilities, and the mountain of debt grows. These people find it easier to have debts than to part with some valuable possessions. Don't make the same mistake! If you're looking for a quick buck, start with yourself. Here you don't see the cash in front of possessions. Find everything together that you no longer (necessary) need and turn it into an additional income.

  • CDs and data carriers can be sold quickly at Momox or Rebuy
  • Smartphones, digital cameras, game consoles and you can get rid of it at WIRKaufens *
  • You can sell selected books as used on Amazon *
  • There are platforms for clothing such as clothing tops
  • Anything you can't get rid of, you get rid of on Ebay

Getting rid of things has never been so easy as it is today. Furthermore, selling at flea markets is unlikely to be fun. Two years ago I drove there with a car full of objects that were no longer in use and came back in the evening with over 250 euros. By the way, you can find tips on “flea markets” in the article “Flea market for beginners: My 10 tips for successful sales”.

Selling your own things is often significantly underestimated, so start here.

2. Mortgage your things

If selling is too difficult for you, then mortgaging is a good alternative. The classic partners are the pawn shops. You can go there, hand in your valuables and get cash for it. You even have the option to buy the item back later (plus fees and interest). If the deposit period has expired, the item is left to the pawn shop, you can keep the money. Everything happens 100 percent Schufa-free, no entries if the money has not been repaid. That's why you're rid of the article.

If your next pawn shop is too far away, I recommend you take a look at iPfand, Germany's first online pawn shop. Watches, jewelry, precious metals and stones, but also other valuables, are picked up free of charge and assessed by in-house experts. After concluding the contract, the deposit will be credited to your account within one day.

3. Vexcash and Co

Getting quick money with the help of a loan can be a good solution to a lack of funds. Unfortunately, "normal" loans are usually too sluggish. It can take some time from the application to the money being credited to your account. Here you have the option of one Short term loan platform to use. With a click of the mouse it is possible to get money quickly and easily. One provider with whom I can give a recommendation with a clear conscience is Vexcash. I tested it last year and was able to borrow 150 euros quickly and at short notice for a fee of only 82 cents. No commission or administration costs are currently charged for this small loan.

If you really need a cash injection quickly, then take a look at the possibilities of VEXCash. Especially if you want to pay the money back quickly, then it's worth it. To get to know the current conditions, click on the VexCash banner:

You can find my test report here.

If you already know that you will not be able to repay your loan within one to two months, then use the following alternative credit option:

AuxMoney: Here you can borrow money quickly and easily at very good conditions. It's best to click here now * to make a non-binding comparison of conditions.

Smava:Sometimes you have to pay back less at Smava than you borrowed. Take a loan and earn a few euros in the process? Yes, often offers you such special offers. Click here to see *whether a loan with these super conditions is available for you.

Currently (as of October 2020) you can Borrow 1,000 euros from SMAVA and only need to pay 972 euros back. So even earned money with the loan. Crazy world! To secure this exclusive offer * >> please click here << *.


A great way to earn money with free living space is to look around at AIRBNB. With this platform, as a private landlord, you can rent out your living space or part of it. AIRBNB serves as a brokerage platform and managed to have almost 5 million advertisements on offer worldwide.

Even if you have little or unused living space, for example a free room, then renting out can not only make sense, but also brings in money. Even bongalows, holiday apartments and entire houses can be rented. The best thing to do is to take a look at the AIRBNB website to find out more. The only point of attention: renting is income that has to be taxed. Nevertheless, money remains in the end. (smile)

5. Reduce / swap auto

A very large cost factor is the German's favorite toy, the car. If you are short of money, you should also dare to tackle this topic. Time and again I experience that someone drives a car that is still worth 15,000 euros or more, but still has too many outstanding bills and liabilities. It can be a sensible step to sell the car, then to get a good, down-to-earth, significantly cheaper vehicle. For 5,000 euros there is already a lot on the market that will get you from A to B as well.This deliberate “car reduction” gave you 10,000 euros very quickly, but you are still mobile. Of course, it takes a little self-confidence to take a step back when driving a car. This will not be easy for many.

Alternatively, and especially if you live in a big city, you can question whether you even need a car. Berlin, Munich, Leipzig and Co offer you an excellent infrastructure. Getting from A to B is easy and there are trains and buses running all the time. It can be a sensible option to completely do without a car, especially if there are already two of these driving options in the family. The sale can also be done in no time at all Bring a few thousand euros into the panting cash register.

6. Jobs ebay classifieds / extra income

"Anyone who needs money should go to work." A saying from my grandfather, which is still deeply anchored in me. He's right, and that's what this tip is about. Our job market is currently so good that there is always something to be found for job seekers. Support in small jobs, part-time jobs and as temporary help is urgently needed. You can use this to earn additional euros. Well-known job portals are:

In addition, I can recommend you to go to Ebay classifieds. There you select in the category Jobs. Then enter your place of residence and the area. After clicking on search, you will be shown many offers. Even though I live in a rural area, over 100 offers are displayed. Well worth looking there. However, do the search with common sense, as black sheep, dodgy or underpaid offers can also be found there. Jobs that fit well:

  • Helper for winter or road service
  • Household helpers
  • Cleaning services
  • Sales staff
  • Power in well-known fast food chains

You won't find any high-paying, high-quality offers for part-time jobs, that's why they're called part-time jobs (laughs). If you manage to earn 100 euros a week, that's 5000 euros after a year.

7. Ask employer for advance payment

It is as modern as collecting stamps, but it represents a chance for a quick, uncomplicated injection of money. In special situations there is the possibility of asking your boss for an advance.

On application can a non-interest-bearing advance payment can be made if this is justified by unusual circumstances. This includes, among other things, unforeseeable expenses, for example in the event of the death of a close relative or if a new household has to be set up after a divorce. Many key points are regulated under certain advance payment guidelines. Like, for example, the maximum height of 3 monthly salaries, but no more than 2560 euros. If you need more detailed information, just have a look at salary.

From my point of view, this help is particularly interesting when it comes to dispo or advance payment? When using the overdraft facility you pay very high fees, the mountain of debt can still grow. The advance, however, is interest-free, so there are no additional costs.

Should you come into unforeseen distress, just ask your boss. It doesn't cost anything to ask.

8 neighborhood help

Some time ago I saw a simply designed flyer at the trusted baker. It read in the same way: “Help well and fairly in all situations in life. Shopping, sweeping the street and answering paperwork ”. A kind of all-round help for the normal things in life, which are no longer normal for old people. Especially for people who live far away from friends and relatives in the village, these small supports are a real help. Of course, they also bring you money, since you rarely give them away.

Tutoring and coaching are also very popular. With tutoring, you teach your (school knowledge) to other students who need your support. The parents pay you for this kind of “neighborhood help”. Communicating knowledge, making money ... a good combination, isn't it? One or two euros can also be earned on the side as part of coaching. You can earn money with coaching, especially in the fitness and finance sectors. It goes without saying that a certain “expert level” is required.

Taking care of children is also popular in neighborhood help so that parents can do something in peace. short babysitting. A helping hand is always needed, and it is not reprehensible to get paid for a good service.

Additional tip:

You can also generate a small regular income with a click of the mouse. There are some providers who are keen on your opinion, pay for it. By completing online surveys, you can earn a few more euros, okay, click here. (laughs) If this sounds interesting to you, take a look at my article “Decision maker club experience report - earn money by clicking?”.

How do I get money quickly - Conclusion:

Getting money quickly is always associated with commitment. It no longer falls from the sky, rather lies on the street. The motto is not to hold up your hands, but to bend over (Part-time jobs, neighborhood help). Alternatively, you only have to do without (rent a smaller car, rent living space). Only with express credits (VexCash) can you get cash quickly and without much effort, which can be repaid later.

No matter what you do to get some quick money, try to change your life situation in such a way that you don't (more often) fall into the spiral of debt. In addition, stay away from dubious and criminal activities. Walter White has shown that it doesn't work.

Do you have any other ideas to get money legally? Then leave them in the comment. Don't want to miss a post? Then sign up for the Selbst-Schuld.Com newsletter!

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